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Photosynthesis Summer School

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Subject: Photosynthesis Summer School
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ANNOUNCMENT - Summer School

* Assembly  and Organization of the Photosynthetic Apparatus *
* (Photosystems, Antennae and Reaction Centers).             *

A summer school sponsored by the European Science Foundation (ESF)
Program on Biophysics of Photosynthesis
12-23 May 1996, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel

Organizing Committee: S.Malkin, A. Scherz (Weizmann institute of
Science, Rehovot, Israel), H.Levanon (Hebrew University, Jerusalem,
Israel) H.Scheer (University of Munich, FRG).

We would like to announce a summer school on the organization and
assembly of the photosynthetic apparatus. The school will be held
between 12-23 May 1996 in the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel. The
provisional program is outlined below.

The school is open to graduate and post-graduate students from European
countries who are interested in the subject. There is a registration fee
of $200, or an equivalent hard currency, which will cover full board and

There is a limitation of 25 participants only. Therefore we might need
to preselect suitable candidates, based on different criteria. If you
consider participation please apply in writing. Include a resume of
studies, personal details (full name, nationality, date of birth,
gender) and address details (mailing address, fax, e-mail etc.).
Include also a brief (not more than 1 page) resume of your present work,
list of publications (if available), and letters of recommendation
(preferably from at least 2 mentors). These should be addressed to:-
      Prof. Shmuel Malkin
      Biochemistry Department
      Weizmann Institute of Science
      Rehovot, 76100, Israel


Pigment and protein assembly to antennae and reaction centers, and
higher hierarchies of assemblies in the formation of whole photosystems
and their organization in the complex photosynthetic membrane is a
frontier in photosynthesis and membrane protein research. The proposed
school is meant to provide an interdisciplinary forum where students
from either biochemical or biophysical backgrounds would meet to grasp
current knowledge and its methodological basis. The school will comprise
of frontal lectures, introducing either a technique or a methodical
approach and how it is applied for particular problems, and laboratory
presentation of selected methods (according to local availability)
followed by  data analysis exercises.

Bertil Andersson. University of Stockholm. Stockholm. Sweden
Jim Barber. Imperial College of Science and Technology. London. UK
Chanoch Carmeli. Tel Aviv University. Tel Aviv. Israel
Richard Cogdell. University of Glasgow. Glasgow. UK
Gyozo Garab.Biological Research Center.Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Giovanni Giacometti. University of Padua. Padua. Italy.
Rienk van Grondelle. Free University. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.
Arnold Hoff. State University of Leiden. Leiden. The Netherlands.
Alfred Holzwarth. Max Planck Institute for radiation chemistry.
Muellheim. Germany.
Neil Hunter. University of Sheffield. Sheffield. UK.
Werner  Kuehlbrandt. EMBL. Heidelberg. Germany
Wolfgang Lubitz. Technical University. Berlin. Germany
Shmuel Malkin. The Weizmann Institute of Science. Rehovot. Israel
Rachel Nechushtai. Hebrew University. Jerusalem. Israel
Jim Norris. University of Chicago. Chicago. Illinois. USA.
Itzhak Ohad. Hebrew University. Jerusalem .Israel
Harald Paulsen. University of Munich.  Munich. Germany.
Wolfhart Ruediger. University of Munich.  Munich. Germany.
Hugo Scheer. University of Munich.  Munich. Germany.
Avigdor Scherz. Weizmann Institute. Rehovot. Israel

Static and dynamic organization  of  functional components in the
   thylakoid membrane.
Assembly, architecture and function of PS I, PS II and LHC II.
Biosynthesis and interactions of photosynthetic pigments.
PS II reaction center, integrity and turn-over.
Structural dynamics in bacteriochlorophyll-proteins.
Molecular genetics and site-directed mutagenesis of reaction centers
   and antennae of purple bacteria.
Characterization of accessory (non chlorophyllous) pigments
Chemical modification of the reaction center and antenna cofactors.
Molecular modeling.

X-ray absorption, 2-D diffraction.
Magnetic Resonance (EPR, ENDOR, ODMR),  Vis/UV/IR absorption
spectroscopy (incl. CD, LD), Time resolved spectroscopy, Fluorescence,
Thermoluminescence,  Photoacoustics.

Fluorescence - quenching analysis; Photoacoustics  in  periodically
modulated  light - state 1 state 2 transitions; CD and LD spectroscopy;
Laser kinetic spectroscopy; Laser induced photoacoustics;
Thermoluminescence;  Magnetic resonance; Molecular modeling.

Non-essential changes may occur in the above program according to

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