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gcb at gramercy.ios.com gcb at gramercy.ios.com
Mon Nov 27 12:37:41 EST 1995

I sent the following message to Larry Orr and he recommended I resend it to
you.  Basically I am looking for assistance in the verification of a product
which claims to enhance the process of photosynthesis and hence increase
crop yield.  Where should I start?

Many thanks.

Guilherme Castello Branco

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 10:46:26 -0700
>From: Photosyn at asuchm.la.asu.edu (Larry Orr)
>Subject: Re: Photosynthesis
>To: Guilherme Castello Branco <gcb at gramercy.ios.com>
>X-UIDL: 817348028.000
>I recommend that you send a similar message to photosyn at net.bio.net
>This is a newsgroup consisting of many of the world's top photosynthesis
>researchers.  I believe there may be persons at the University of Illinois
>that could help you, but I do not know specifically which one, but they all
>read the newsgroup.
>Good luck,
>Larry Orr
>>I am looking for assistance in the field of photosynthesis.  My name is
>>Guilherme Castello Branco, and I am a professional of the banking field.
>>Recently I have been offered to market a product in the US, which I would
>>categorize as a fertilizer/additive.  I have been given a scientific paper
>>explaining how this product enhances the process of photosynthesis and
>>manages to get higher yields out of crops.
>>Is there any way that you can help me verify these results?  Is it
>>possible for me to get an unbiased opinion from an authoritative
>>institution about this?  I would be willing to send you a sample of the
>>product, together with the scientific paper.
>>So far all I have is good sources who swear that the product works and is
>>Can you at least lead me in the right direction?
Guilherme Castello Branco

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