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Nicelist Revision--Major

Larry Orr Larry.Orr at asu.edu
Mon Feb 19 01:27:00 EST 1996

I have posted a new version of the Nicelist to the ASU Photosynthesis
Center web site.  The address is:


The new version takes advantage of several web capabilities such as
internal index links and active mailto links.   You can now click on the
first letter of someone's last name and jump to the section of names with
that letter.  You can also hop back by clicking the proper link.  All
internet email addresses are now active links, which means all you have to
do is click on them (if you have a "mailto" savvy web browser such as
Netscape or Mosaic) and you will be provided with an email mail window so
you can send your message immediately without switching to an email
program.  Please note that you must have already set your email preferences
in your browswer before this will work.

Bitnet numbers are still listed, but they are not actively linked.  I have
added a section on dealing with Bitnet numbers from locations that can no
longer access Bitnet directly.  Because of the decline and near extinction
of Bitnet, I will try to replace the numbers when I have internet
replacements for them.  In time, I will eliminate all of them, starting
with persons that can no longer be contacted via Bitnet.

I have done away with the numbers that indicate how often a person reads
email.  Because this is the Nicelist, it is assumed that everyone on it is
nice enough to read and answer mail at least every few days. I have
retained the practice of noting those addresses which are used by more than
one addressee.

I am still adding fax numbers and will add personal web pages if you
request me to.  I will not add web pages without authorization from the
individual even though I have "discovered" many of them while conducting
searches on the Web. This is done to insure your privacy and to protect
your pages while you are preparing them to go public. Web pages, if they
are added, will be actively linked.

I have added a small note on the history of the Nicelist and removed most
of the extraneous matter, such as how to contact persons on various
commercial servers, as this is no longer much of an issue.

Please let me know of any errors, new addresses, etc.  I am trying to
update the Nicelist approximately twice a week when warranted.  I urge any
of you still using Bitnet addresses to let me know if you now have internet

Please note: persons on the list are there by their own request.  I will
not add anyone to the list without their express request.  This is done as
some persons have asked not to be included on a publically accessible list.
If you know of persons that you think should be added to the list, you
should contact them and ask them to contact me.  Please do not contact me
to ask me to add them.

Finally, I recommend that you use Netscape 1.1, 1.2, or 2.0 to access this
site and others (version 1.0 or earlier, will not reproduce all web
features). Some of the more recent versions of Mosaic or other graphically
oriented browsers may also work well, but I have not tested them.


Larry Orr                                       Larry.Orr at asu.edu
Photosynthesis Center
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry        Tel: 602-965-1963
Arizona State University                        Fax: 602-965-2747
Box 871604
Tempe, AZ  85287-1604             http://www.asu.edu/clas/photosyn/

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