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Govindjee gov at pop.life.uiuc.edu
Sun Jan 21 16:25:50 EST 1996

Update on the "Advances in Photosynthesis" Series.

This is to inform you that:

1)Dr. Eva-Maria Aro (of Finland) has generously agreed to join our Board
of Consulting Editors.Other members are: Drs. Amesz; Barber; Blankenship;
Ort; and Murata. Please feel free to make suggestions to me or to any of
the above members of our "Consulting Board".

2)Drs Gilles Jonker of Kluwer has mailed to everyone listed in the
"Photosynthesis Directory" a flier on all the current issues of the
Series.If you are not in that Directory or have not received information,
please let me know.I will be delighted to send you that information.

3)I wish to remind you that the "Topics in Photosynthesis"(Elsevier) is
no longer being published.Thus, it is perfectly legitimate to request
your library to replace that series with our current series.

4) Vol. 1 (Cyanobacteria) edited by Don Bryant is doing quite well; vol.
2 (Anoxygenic Bacteria) edited by Blankenship, Madigan and Bauer is out
since August of 1995only, and, it is expected to do well too; vol. 3
(Biophysical Techniques in Photosynthesis)
edited by Jan Amesz and Arnold Hoff is in its final proof stage; and vol
4 (Light Reactions in Oxygenic Photosynthesis) edited by Don Ort and
Charlie Yocum has completed almost all its proofs; and vol 5 (Stress and
Photosynthesis) edited by Neil Baker is making excellent  progress; many
chapters are in proof stage. Further, Vol. 6 (Lipids) to be edited by
Siegenthaler and Murata is currently being written. Two other books(vol.
7 and 8) have their Table of Contents in the planning stage; and two
others (vol. 9 and 10) are in the process of deciding their tables of
contents.Topics of vols.7-10 are: molecular biology of Chlamydomonas;
Carbon Metabolism; Photosynthetic Antenna; and Translocation of
Photosynthates. Vol 11 is  suggested to discuss global issues, but I have
done nothing about it yet.

Thanks for reading this note; I also  wanted to tell you that Mr. Larry Orr
ASU, Tempe) is planning to have information on the published books on
photosynthesis on "world wide web".That is great indeed.

Series Editor, Advances in Photosynthesis
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