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CONTENTS Photosynthetica Vol. 32, No. 3, 1996
Original papers
NADPH-stimulated oxygen uptake and absorbance changes at 554
nm in thylakoids isolated from
cucumber cotyledons     M. BOJKO, R. ZIOBRO, S.
Influence of mineral nitrogen forms upon ATP formation in the
leaves of C3 and C4 plants
     D.B. NIKITIN, N.N. TISHCHENKO, V.S. SAAKOV....331-337
Apparent quantum yield in Scots pine after four years of
exposure to elevated temperature and CO2
     Kai-Yun WANG....339-353
Effects of CO2 concentration on the photosynthetic and
carboxylation efficiences of Fagus crenata
and Quercus crispula     Naishen LIANG, K. MARUYAMA, Y.
Relationship between net photosynthetic rate and stomatal
conductance in leaves of field-grown maize
subjected to soil compaction or soil drying    O. BETHENOD,
=46. TARDIEU, N. KATERJI....367-379
Ultraviolet-B (280-320 nm) radiation induced changes in
photosynthetic electron transport during
 aging of isolated Vigna chloroplasts     N. NEDUNCHEZHIAN,
     G. KULANDAIVELU....381-391
Changes in ultrastructure and inhibition of electron
transport activity induced by thallium in Nostoc
 muscorum     Anu GUPTA, G.S. SINGHAL....393-398
Photosynthesis of Festuca rupicola and Bothriochloa ischaemum
under degradation and cutting
pressure in a semiarid loess grassland     K. SZENTE, Z.
NAGY, Z. TUBA, G. FEKETE....399-407
Dimethylsulfoxide method for the extraction of chlorophylls a
and b from the leaves of wheat, field
bean, dwarf bamboo, and oak     T. SHINANO, T.T. LEI, T.
     T. KOIKE, T. TADANO....409-415
Three phases of dark-recovery course from photoinhibition
resolved by the chlorophyll fluorescence
analysis in soybean leaves under field conditions     D.-Q.
XU, S. WU....417-423
Photosynthesis in different mulberry cultivars     G.R. NAIK,
S. FOUZIA....425-429
The role of malate dehydrogenase in dissipating excess energy
under water stress in two wheat species
     K. BIEHLER, A. MIGGE, H.P. FOCK....431-438
Thermal deactivation of excitation in pigment molecules in
S. WIECKOWSKI....439-453
Influence of sulfide on oxygenic photosynthesis of
cyanobacteria: Investigations by chlorophyll
fluorescence decay measurements     F. TERJUNG, K. MAIER, D.
U. FISCHER....455-461
Reversal of ultraviolet-B (280-320 nm) radiation induced
changes in Vigna unguiculata L. chloroplasts by
supplemental "white light"     K. LINGAKUMAR, G.
Brief communications
Growth of tomato plants under carbon dioxide enrichment
R.A. KHAVARI-NEJAD....471-474
Optimization of photoautotrophic tobacco in vitro culture:
effect of suncaps closures on plantlet growth
     I. TICH=C1....475-479

Book reviews
Cambridge International Dictionary of English     reviewed by
Z. SESTAK....424
Davies, P.J. (ed.): Plant Hormones. Physiology, Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology.
2nd Ed.     reviewed by I. MACHACKOVA....354
Iqbal, M. (ed.): Growth Patterns in Vascular Plants
reviewed by F. SEIDLOVA....338
Mohr, H., Schopfer, P.: Plant Physiology     reviewed by B.
Nash,T.H., III (ed.): Lichen Biology     reviewed by Z.
Reece, D. (ed.): How to do it. Vol. 3. 3rd Ed.     reviewed
by Z. SESTAK....392
Scientific Style and Format. The CBE Manual for Authors,
Editors, and Publishers. 6th Ed.
     reviewed by Z. SESTAK....430
Shakhov, A.A.: Fotoenergetika Rasteni* i Urozha* [Plant
Photoenergetics and Yield]
     reviewed by Z. SESTAK....408
Wetzel, G.R., Likens, G.E.: Limnological Analyses. 2nd Ed.
reviewed by M. SVATORA....380

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