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Thu Jun 27 14:42:06 EST 1996

please post the TOC of BBA -Bioenergetics
Vol 1275 (3)  31 July, 1996, to the photosynthesis
Ann O'Brien, Elsevier NL


Blocking one non-catalytic ADP binding site results in
complete inhibition of the F-type ATPase from the thermophilic
Bacillus PS3
P. Richard (91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France) 141

Molecular cloning, DNA sequence and transcriptional analysis of the
Rhodospirillum molischianum B800/850 light-harvesting
L. Germeroth, H. Reilander and H. Michel (Frankfurt/M,
Germany 145

Primary structure of a ferredoxin-like iron-sulfur subunit of
complex I from Neurospora crassa
M. Duarte (Porto, Portugal), M. Finel (Helsinki, Finland) and
A. Videira (Porto, Portugal) 151

Structure of chromosomal DNA coding for Pseudomonas putida
salicylate hydroxylase
K. Suzuki, M. Mizuguchi (Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa 920-11,
Japan), K. Ohnishi (Kanagawa-machi, Kanazawa 920-11, Japan)
and E. Itagaki (Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa 920-11, Japan) 154

Cloning and sequencing of the nhaB gene encoding an Na/H antiporter
from Vibrio alginolyticus
T. Nakamura, H. Enomoto and T. Unemoto (Inage-ku, Chiba 263,
Japan) 157

The ferritins: molecular properties, iron storage function and
cellular regulation
P.M. Harrison (Sheffield, UK) and P. Arosio (Brescia, Italy) 161

Control of frequency and amplitudes is shared by all enzymes
in three models for yeast glycolytic oscillations
B. Teusink, B.M. Bakker and H.V. Westerhoff (Amsterdam, The
Netherlands) 204

Evidence for two forms of the g = 4.1 signal in the S2 state of
photosystem II. Two magnetically isolated manganese dimers
P.J. Smith and R.J. Pace (Canberra, AC 0200, Australia) 213

Photodynamic inactivation of gramicidin channels: a
flash-photolysis study
T.I. Rokitskaya, Y.N. Antonenko and E.A. Kotova (Moscow
119899, Russia) 221

Studies of light-induced nickel EPR signals in hydrogenase:
comparison of enzymes with and without selenium
M. Medina (London W8 7AH, UK), E.C. Hatchikian (Marseille
Cedex 9, France) and R. Cammack (London W8 7AH, UK) 227

Magnetic-field effects on primary reactions in Photosystem I
A. Klevanik (Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russia) 237

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