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BBA - Bioenergetics

Vol. 1277, No. 3    18 December 1996


Bioenergetics of the archaebacterium Sulfolobus   G. Schfer
(Lbeck, Germany)   163

Cloning and sequencing of novel genes from Vibrio
alginolyticus that support the growth of K+ uptake-deficient
mutant of Escherichia coli    T. Nakamura, Y. Katoh, Y.
Shimizu, Y. Matsuba and T. Unemoto (Chiba 263, Japan)  201

Kinetic analysis of hexose uptake in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
cultivated in continuous culture   M.M.C. Meijer, J. Boonstra,
A.J. Verkleij and C.T. Verrips (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Translocation of guinea pig p40-phox during activation of
NADPH oxidase  A. Someya, I. Nagaoka (Tokyo 113, Japan), H.
Nunoi (Tokyo, Japan) and T. Yamashita (Tokyo 113, Japan)

Patch-clamp study on flash-induced secondary electrogenic
transport in the thylakoid membrane. Interpretation in terms
of a Q-cycle   T. van Voorthuysen, H.H.A. Dassen, J. F.H. Snel
and W.J. Vredenberg (Wageningen, The Netherlands) 226

Formate bound to cytochrome oxidase can be removed by cyanide
and by reduction    K.-T. Chang and G. Palmer (Houston, TX
77005-1892, USA)    237

The lifetimes and energies of the first excited singlet states
of diadinoxanthin and diatoxanthin: the role of these
molecules in excess energy dissipation in algae   H.A. Frank,
A. Cua, V. Chynwat (Storrs, USA), A. Young (Liverpool L3 3AF,
UK), D. Gosztola and M.R. Wasielewski (Argonne, USA)   243

Quantification of the number of spins in the S2- and S3-states
of Ca2+-depleted photosystem II by pulsed-EPR spectroscopy  A.
Boussac (91191 Gif sur Yvette, France)  253

Erratum to `ATP hydrolysis by membrane-bound Escherichia coli
F0F1 causes rotation of the  subunit relative to the 
subunits' [Biochim. Biophys. Acta (1996) 1275, 96100] Y.
Zhou, T.M. Duncan, V.V. Bulygin, M.L. Hutcheon and R.L. Cross

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