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Plant Genet. Gordon Conf. 97

Dembinski, Claudia dembinski at ocelot.Rutgers.EDU
Tue Nov 26 14:23:26 EST 1996

1997 Gordon Research Conference on
With an Emphasis on the Conservation of Genomes

Date: 8-13 June 1997

Location: New England College, Henniken, New Hampshire, USA

Chair: Joachim Messing; Vice-Chair: Michael Christianson

Session titles are followed by session leaders in parentheses

   SYNTENY (Jeff Bennetzen, West Lafayette, USA):
Michael Gale (Norwich, UK), Jeff Bennetzen (West Lafayette, USA), Renate
(Cologne, Germany), John Doebley (St. Paul, USA).

   RECOMBINATION (Hugo Dooner, Piscataway, USA):
Jerry Kermicle (Madison, USA), Jo Messing (Piscataway, USA), Hugo Dooner
(Piscataway, USA), Patrick Schnable (Ames, USA).

   CHROMOSOMES (Ron Phillips, St. Paul, USA):
Ron Phillips (St. Paul, USA), Zac Cande (Berkeley, US), Axel Brennicke (Ulm,
Germany), Satoshi Tabata (Kisarazu, Japan).

   SEQUENCING PLANT GENOMES (Joe Ecker, Philadelphia, USA):
Tim Helentjaris (Johnston, USA), Takuji Sasaki (Tsukuba, Japan), Joe Ecker
(Philadelphia, USA), Ian Bancroft (Norwich, UK).

   MUTANT SCREENS/POSITIONAL CLONING (Rob Martienssen, Cold Spring Harbor,
Rob Martienssen (Cold Spring Harbor, USA), Ueli Grossniklaus (Cold Spring
Harbor, USA), Pamela Ronald (Davis, USA), Paul Schulze-Lefert (Norwich, UK).

   GENE REGULATION (Michael Christianson, Lawrence, USA):
Ben Scheres (Utrecht, Netherlands), Michael Freeling (Berkeley, USA), Detlev
Weigel (San Diego, USA), Barbara Hohn (Basel, Switzerland).

   EVENING SPEAKER (Michael Christianson, Lawrence, USA):
William Loomis (San Diego, USA);

   CONSERVATION OF GENE FUNCTION (Lothar Wilmitzer, Golm, Germany):
Udo Wienand (Hamburg, Germany), Brian Staskawicz (Berkeley, USA), Burle
Gengenbach (St. Paul, USA), Lothar Wilmitzer (Golm, Germany).

   APPLIED GENETICS (Pal Maliga, Piscataway, USA):
Pal Maliga (Piscataway, USA), Brian Larkins (Tucson, USA), Curt Hannah
(Gainesville, USA), Toni Voelker (Davis, USA).

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