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Further info on ISEP registration for students

lynn rothschild lrothschild at mail.arc.nasa.gov
Thu Apr 2 15:53:50 EST 1998

Encroaching senility has struck again.  It has been pointed out that the
original ISEP fee for students was actually higher than that for others
(encouragement to finish your degree?).  Those who sent $150 will be
receiving a refund, as ISEP registration for students should have been
$100.  The bad news is that those students who want to stay for the Society
of Protozoologists+Phycological Society of America meetings later in the
week will need to pay $175 for registration.  Apologies for the confusion.
Again, checks should be made out to Northern Arizona University. The
corrected form follows:

Registration for the International Society for Evolutionary Protistology
(ISEP 12)
 Northern Arizona University
 3-8 August 1998
Flagstaff, Arizona

Please return this registration form with your full payment for
registration and field trips by 1 June 1998. Make payments to ISEP and send

BOX 5751, FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86011 USA.

Your name and institution below should appear as you wish on your name badge:




Email Address ___________________________(for confirmation of receipt of

Accompanying person's name(s) ___________________________

	ISEP Registration for ISEP members*				$125

	ISEP+ Registration for ISEP members*				$250
	(what a deal! registration for ISEP+
	Society of Protozoologists+Phycological Society of America)

	*Two year ISEP membership for non-members			$ 25

	Student Members (excludes post-doctoral
	Students-ISEP+							$175
		signature of faculty supervisor
		required (see below).

	Accompanying persons						$100

	REGISTRATION AFTER 1 JUNE 1996  add an additional $50.00 to each
category except
		ISEP membership

Your registration covers all the costs of the meetings as well as several
major social events.  We purposely combined these into one package for two
reasons.  One, is that if you have pay in advance for events such as the
trip to the  Grand Canyon than you are more likely to attend; it is your
attendance that makes such events a success for us all.  The second reason
to provide this package approach is that many members are reimbursed by
their University or on their taxes, only for registration to meetings, and
not for special social events.  Including all expenses in a "registration"
fee should save many of you money!

What your registration fee pays for:
1.  	Printing of program, abstracts, name badges, mailing, xeroxing etc.
2. 	Registration  expenses, accounting.
3 .	Opening Wine/Beer  and Cheese social at DuBois Ballroom
4. 	Busses to and from, and dinner at Lake Mormon (BBQ steak, hay
rides, cowboy theater show... ridiculous fun!)
5. 	Steam locomotive train trip with breakfast to and from  Grand
Canyon; OR, Buses and drivers to and from
	Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Jerome, and Montezuma Castle; OR, Buses
and boats for float trip on Colorado River (calm waters from Glen Canyon
dam to Lee's Ferry).  Choose one!  Float trip will cost addt't $50.
6.  	Full Banquet and Bold Award dinner, wine included.
7. 	Shuttle busses to run from dorms to meeting place for non-hikers.
8. 	Rental of all audio-visual equipment; sound systems
9. 	Meeting Room rentals
10.	Support of symposia and plenary speakers
11.	Coffee breaks (10am & 3pm) throughout meeting
12.	Student helpers - projectionists, guides, etc.
13.	Psychiatric help for local representative after meeting ends

A.  Total Registration Enclosed

B.  Choice of Field Trip (6 Aug 1998):

	1. Steam Locomotive trip to Grand Canyon.  Includes breakfast on
train, tour guide, music, etc.Train leaves 9am, returns 3:30pm.
Approximately 3 hours at the Canyon.

	2. All day bus trip to scenic Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona (shopping
spree), Jerome (artist community hanging on mountain side), Montezuma
Castle (ancient indian cliff dwelling). Bus departs 8am, returns 5pm.

	3. All day bus trip to Colorado River (below Glen Canyon dam), 15
mile float trip (Calm waters, here!) down river to Lee's Ferry, bus trip
home. Bus departs at 7:30am, returns 7pm. Because of boating gear, this
trip will cost $50. addt'l per person. Note: Air temperatures at river edge
may be over 100*F (>35*C)...But it's a dry heat!!

     Choose field trip you want; 1,2 or 3. Trip 3 requires  additional fee.
Add $50. in box and to Registration Fee box above.

C.  Student's Supervisor Signature:

I ______________________ certify that ______________________ is a student .
        supervisor's name			                 student's name


Lynn J. Rothschild, Ph.D.
Mail Stop 239-12
NASA/Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA  94035-1000

ph: (650) 604-6525
fax: (650) 604-1088
lrothschild at mail.arc.nasa.gov

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