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Workshop on
                                Stress Synergism in Plants - Abiotic and
Biotic Stress in Photosynthesis
                                                       23-26 AUGUST, 1998,

                                                                under the
auspices of the
                                EUROPEAN SCIENCE FOUNDATION PROGRAMME ON
                                                                        and =
                                   FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN SOCIETIES OF PLANT

sored by
                                                HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE=
                                                UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA (AUSTRI=


On behalf of the Organizing Committee I am happy to present you the second
circular of the International Workshop on Stress Synergism in Plants -
Abiotic and Biotic Stress in Photosynthesis to be held in Tata between 23
and 26 August, 1998. The aim of the workshop is to provide a fostering
environment for discussion amongst scientists about various aspects of plant
stress research. Moreover, we hope that the workshop will provide an
excellent opportunity to exchange ideas of mutual interests and to discuss
the most recent results in detail concerning responses of photosynthesis and
plant productivity to various stress factors. The workshop will bring
together scientists interested in stress induced alterations of metabolic
processes related directly or indirectly to photosynthesis in plants and
autotrophic microorganisms.
With the hope of a  successful meeting let me wish you a pleasant stay in

                                    Prof. G=B7bor Horv=B7th

Organizing Committee: G=B7bor Horv=B7th (chairman, Budapest, Hungary), M. Ba=
(Granada, Spain) H. R. Bolh=B7r-Nordenkampf (Vienna, Austria), M. Droppa
(Budapest, Hungary), Z. Szigeti (treasurer, Budapest, Hungary).

Practical information

Location: Tata is situated in the midwest of Hungary, about 60 kms from
Budapest. The meeting will be hosted in the well equipped complex of the
Training Camp of the Hungarian National Sport Teams with numerous sporting
and recreation facilities (swimming pool, sauna, fitness room etc.)

Address: Hungarian National Olympic Training Center (Olimpiai Edz=9Et=B7bor)
Tata, Baji =99t 21. Phone: +36-34-487-444; Fax: +36-34-487-239

All participants, who will travel directly to Tata independently of others,
can do so by train or by car.

Time-table of trains
                Budapest Keleti pu.	     Tata		 Tata
	Budapest Keleti pu.
                  Dep.	                   Arr.		  Dep.
	  8.10		  9.16		  7.25			  8.33
	10.05		11.11		  8.40			  9.43
	12.00		13.01		10.30			11.38
	14.10		15.16		12.30			13.38
	16.10		17.16		14.30			15.38
	18.24		19.26		16.16			17.34
					18.06			19.13

Tata can be reached by car via highway E75 (M1). Use exit =ECTatab=B7nya
centrum=EE and follow road N=83 100 which goes directly to Tata. To reach th=
Olympic Camp turn right at the sign Baj.
Please, arrange your travel schedule according to the program and time-table=

 Registration desk at Olympic Training Center will be open:
			Sunday 	August 23 11.00 - 18.00,
Information desk will operate to assist participants:
			Monday	August 24.  8.30 - 17.30
			Tuesday	August 25   8.30 - 13.30
			Wednesday	August 26   8.30 - 12.00

We can accept late registrations in a limited number for 220 USD till the
end of July. Further information can be obtained from:
			Professor G=B7bor Horv=B7th
			Department of Plant Physiology,
			University of Horticulture and Food Industry
			Budapest, POBox 53, H-1502, Hungary
			Phone: 36-1-209-6388, Fax: 36-1-209-6388
			E-mail: ghorvath at hoya.kee.hu or nove at hoya.kee.hu

Preliminary scientific program
Sunday, August 23
10.00		Departure from Budapest by buses: Meeting point:
                                in the parking lot of the Budapest
Convention Center, Budapest XII.,
Jagell=DB =99t 1-3.
12.00-13.00	Lunch
Afternoon session	              Stress and photosynthesis
13.00-15.00	Key speakers: Lichtenthaler H.K. (Germany), Strasser R.J.
(Switzerland), Murata                                 N. (Japan).
15.00-15.30	Coffee break
15.30-17.30	Oral presentations
17.30-19.30	Poster viewing
19.30		Reception

Monday, August 24
8.00-9.00		Breakfast
Morning session		High light and temperature stress
  9.00-11.00	Key speakers: Bolh=B7r-Nordenkampf H.R. (Austria), Krause H.
(Germany), van                                 Kooten O. (The Netherlands).
11.00-11.30	Coffee break
11.30-12.30	Oral presentations
12.30-14.00	Lunch
Afternoon session		Light stress and nutrition deficiency
14.00-16.00	Key speakers: Schapendonk A.H.C.M. (The Netherlands), Harbinson
J. (The                                 Netherlands), Masojidek J. (Czech Re=
16.00-16.30	Coffee break
16.30-17.30	Oral presentations
17.30-19.30	Poster discussion
19.30-20.30	Dinner
21.00-		Cultural program

Tuesday, August 25
8.00-9.00		Breakfast
Morning session		Ozone and elevated CO2
  9.00-11.00	Key speakers: Tuba Z. (Hungary), Jones M.B. (United Kingdom),
Reichenauer T.                                 (Austria)
11.00-11.30	Coffee break
11.30-12.30	Oral presentations
12.30-13.30	Lunch
13.30	                Departure to Pannonhalma. Visit the oldest Hungarian
Abbey in Pannonhalma -                                       part of the
World Cultural Heritage
20.00		Conference dinner

Wednesday, August 26
8.00-9.00		Breakfast
Morning session		Heavy metal and biotic stress
  9.00-11.00 	Key speakers: Clijsters H. (Belgium), Krupa Z. (Poland), Bar=
M. (Spain)
11.00-11.30	Coffee break
11.30-12.30	General discussion and concluding remarks
12.30-13.30	Lunch
14.00		Departure to Budapest, arrival time approx. 15.30
More detailed program will be given at the beginning of the workshop.

Presentations, language
The official language of the Workshop is English. The contributions will be
presented as plenary lectures (35 min + 5 min discussion), symposia lectures
lasting 15 minutes (+ 5 min discussion), and posters. No parallel sessions
will be organized. Technical equipments: overhead projector, slide projector
will be provided.  A space of 1.0 m (wide) x 1.5 m (high) will be available
for the presentation of posters.

Publication of the papers
According to the agreement between the Organizing Committee and Professor
Peter B=96ger the Editor in Chief of Zeitschrift f=B8r Naturforschung C, the
papers presented in the Workshop will be published in Z. Naturforsch C. If
you wish to publish your presentation, please follow the instructions below:
Your contribution must be in English. Length of your paper may exceed that
of the enclosed specimen by approx. a factor of 2. Results and Discussion
may be presented in separate chapters. References should not be more than
35. Figure sizes should be not smaller than half a page (A4), with
well-sized numbers and symbols. Text, tables and references shall be
delivered also on diskette (MS-DOS, W/W). Consult the enclosed manuscript
and reprint as specimen.
Deadline for receipt of manuscripts:	October 31, 1998!

General information
Since the organizers do not accept responsibility for individual medical,
travel or personel insurance, workshop participants and accompanying persons
are advised to arrange their own insurance policies.

Weather and Clothing
The climate in Hungary in August is usually sunny, with an average daily
temperature of 22-25 =83C. Evenings, however, might be cool, so you may find=
pullover, a light coat and a raincoat or an umbrella useful. Showers may
occur, but humidity is normally not high.

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