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Chlorophyll using DMSO - equations

Bill Boelema wjboelem at mtu.edu
Wed Mar 4 11:27:50 EST 1998

We will be determining chlorophyll and other pigment concentrations from
moss 'stem' tips using DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and I have equations
for determing chlorophyll a and b from spectrophotometric reading from
Barnes et al. (1992).  Also, Ronen and Galun (1984) introduce the
"phaeophytinization quotient", or O.D.435/O.D.415, as an indication of how
much chlorophyll has been changed to phaeophytin.

A couple questions:  Does anyone know of an equation, from literature or
otherwise, for direct measure of phaeophytin?  Are there any equations for
chlorophyll concentrations that are more accurate, up-to-date?  And, does
most degradation from chlorophyll to phaeophytin, as found in DMSO
extracts, occur in DMSO, or in the plant before extraction?  I suppose it
is possible for both to occur, but I am curious whichi is found to be more

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Cited Literature:

Barnes, J. D., L Balaguer, E. Manrique, S. Elvira, and A. W. Davison.
	1992.  A reappraisal of the use of DMSO for the extraction and
	determination of chlorophylls a and b in lichens and higher
	plants.  Environmental and Experimental Botany 32:  85-100.

Ronen, R., and M Galun.  1984.  Pigment extraction from lichens with
	dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and estimation of chlorophyll
	degradation.  Environmental and Experimental Botany 24:  239-245.
  Bill Boelema           |         Graduate Student, Biological Sciences
wjboelem at mtu.edu         |           Michigan Technological University

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