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Chlorella growth rate

=?UNKNOWN?Q?S=F8ren?= Laurentius Nielsen nielsen at virgil.ruc.dk
Fri Nov 5 11:50:36 EST 1999

The growth rate of Chlorella is in the range 0.5 - 2 d^-1 - depending
on treatment.
For more information on growth rates etc. check "The Ecology of
Freshwater Phytoplankton" by C.S. Reynolds, Cambridge University
Press, 1984.

Søren L. Nielsen

On 4 Nov 1999 19:45:56 -0800, William Looker
<william.looker at virgin.net> wrote:

>     I am doing an A-level biology poject comparing the growth rates of
>chlorella in differnt nitrate solutions (e.g. ammonium nitrate, potasium
>nitrate, calcium nitrate and sodium nitrate)
>     Does anybody have any information on the growth rate of chlorella, such
>as links or just a growth rate curve for chlorella. Also if you have
>anything intersting to say about this experiment I would love to here it and
>possible problems I might encounter, such as small concentrations of
>chlorine will inhibit the growth of chlorella and so on.
>Thanks in advance!
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Søren Laurentius Nielsen
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Roskilde University, Denmark
nielsen at virgil.ruc.dk
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