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Photosynthesis Research Contents Volume 60 Nos. 2-3 May-June 1999

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Thu Sep 9 17:22:59 EST 1999

Photosynthesis Research

Contents Volume 60  Nos. 2-3 May-June 1999

Personal perspective

Personal recollections of 40 years in photosynthesis research.
G. Forti
Pages 99-110


The role of trace metals in photosynthetic electron transport in
O2-evolving organisms.
J.A. Raven, M.C.W. Evans, R.E. Korb
Pages 111-149


How acidic is the lumen?
D.M. Kramer, C.A. Sacksteder, J.A. Cruz
Pages 151-163


Part of the fluorescence of chlorophyll a may originate in excited triplet
R.S. Knox, J.S. Brown, P.D. Laible, M.F.J. Talbot
Pages 165-177

Regular papers

Photosynthetic apparatus in primary leaves of barley seedlings grown under
blue or red light of very low photon flux densities.
N. Bukhov, V. Makarova, V. Bondar, I. Drozdova, E. Egorova, L. Kotova, A.
Kotov, T. Krendeleva
Pages 179-189

Similarity between electron donor side reactions in the solubilized
Photosystem II- LHC II super-complex and Photosystem-II-containing
M.J. Schilstra, J. Nield, W. Dorner, B. Hankamer, M. Carradus, L.M.C.
Barter, J. Barber, D.R. Klug
Pages 191-198

Up-regulation of sucrose phosphate synthase in rice grown under elevated
CO2 and temperature.
M.W. Hussain, L.H. Allen Jr, G. Bowes
Pages 199-208

The importance of PS I chlorophyll red forms in light-harvesting by leaves.
A. Rivadossi, G. Zucchelli, F.M. Garlaschi, R.C. Jennings
Pages 209-215

Comparision of light induced and cell cycle dependent changes in the
photosynthetic apparatus:  A fluorescence induction study on the green alga
Scenedesmus obliquus.

B.J. Strasser, H. Dau, I. Heinze, H. Senger
Pages 217-227

How the formation process influences the structure of BChl c aggregates.
M. Umetsu, Z.-Y. Wang,  J. Zhang, T. Ishii, K. Uehara, Y. Inoko, M.
Kobayashi,l T. Nozawa
Pages 229-239

Role of the protein's low dielectric constant in the functioning of the
photosynthetic reaction center.
L.I. Krishtalik
Pages 241-246

Estimation of rate constants of the partial reactions of carboxylation of
ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate in vivo.
J. Viil, H. Ivanova, T. Parnik
Pages 247-256

Technical communication

The molar extinction coefficient of bacteriochlorophyll e and the pigment
stoichiometry in Chlorobium phaeobacteroides.
C.M. Borrego, J.B. Arellano, C.A. Abella, T. Gillbro, J. Garcia-Gil
Pages 257-264

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