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Photosynthesis Research Contents Volume 61 No. 3

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Photosynthesis Research

Contents Volume 61, No. 3:  Sept. 1999


"Therese Marie Cotton-Uphaus (1939-1998)"
M. Seibert, M. Thurnauer
pp. 193-196


"Assembly of light-harvesting complex II and biogenesis of thylakoid
membranes in chloroplasts"
  J.K. Hoober, L.L. Eggink
pp. 197-215

Regular Papers:

"Release and aggregation of the light-harvesting complex in intact leaves
subjected to strong CO2 deficit
P. Siffel, Z. Braunova
pp. 217-226

"Homeostatic regulation upon changes of enzyme activities in the Calvin
cycle as an example for general mechanisms of flux control.  What can we
expect from transgenic plants?"
L.E. Fridlyand, J.E. Backhausen, R. Scheibe
pp. 227-239

"Molecular rearrangements of thylakoids after heavy metal poisoning, as
seen by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and electron spin resonance (ESR)
B. Szalontai, L.I. Horvath, M. Debreczeny, M. Droppa, G. Horvath
pp. 241-252

"Laser-flash absorption spectroscopy study of the competition between
ferredoxin and flavodoxin photoreduction by Photosystem I in Synechococcus
sp. PCC 7002:  Evidence for a strong preference for ferredoxin"
K. Meimberg, U. Muhlenhoff
pp. 253-267

"Light-induced increase in initial chlorophyll fluorescence F0 leven and
the reversible inactivation of PS II reaction centers in soybean leaves"
S.-S. Hong, D.-Q. Xu
pp. 269-280

"Isolation and characterization of chloroplast Photosystem II antenna of
spinach by reversed-phase liquid chromatography"
L. Zolla, A.M. Timperio, M.G. Testi, M. Bianchetti, R. Bassi, F. Manera, D.
pp. 281-290

"Energy exchange between the chlorophyll antennae of monomeric subunits
within the Photosystem I trimeric complex of the cyanobacterium Spirulina"
N.V. Karapetyan, V.V. Shubin, R.J. Strasser
pp. 291-301

Erratum:  Volume 60:  75-86, 1999
pp. 303-316

Contents Volume 61
pp. 317-319

Author index Volume 61
p. 321


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