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Suggestion from Vlad Shinkarev

govindjee gov at life.uiuc.edu
Sun Jul 30 13:49:26 EST 2000

Dear Dr. Lazar:

>Regarding your question about electron transfer rates between Yz and 
>P680 , Dr. Vlad Shinkarev suggested the following references to 
>check them out; if the answer is not there in full, ask Drs. G. 
>Renger, J. Golbeck and R.Debus.In all likelihood, Drs. Jerry 
>Babcock, Bill Rutherford, and Bruce Diner would know the answer too, 
>I think. When you find the answer, please post it on the net. Good 

>G. Christen and G. Renger (1999) The Role of Hydrogen Bonds for the
>Multiphasic P680+ Reduction by YZ in Photosystem II with Intact Oxygen
>Evolution Capacity. Analysis of Kinetic H/D Isotope Exchange Effects,
>Biochemistry  38: 6082-6092.
>Anna-Maria A. Hays, Ilya R. Vassiliev, John H. Golbeck, and Richard J. Debus
>(1999) Role of D1-His190 in the Proton-Coupled Oxidation of Tyrosine YZ in
>Manganese-Depleted Photosystem II, Biochemistry; 38: 11851-11865
>From: vshinkar at uiuc.edu <vshinkar at uiuc.edu>
> >Dear Vlad:
> >         D. Lazar is looking for references for papers on the rate constant
> >of ET
> >between Yz and P680.  Strasser has referred him to me; I think he is
> >working for Lada Nedbal who recently visited me. Can you please provide him
> >with this data/reference?
> >Perhaps, Jerry Babcock has this number in his papers. I have his papers
> >somewhere.
> >Perhaps, we can look at this info. on OVID (Current contents) together.
> >Did n't Sonneveld measure it or calculated it?
> >Govindjee
> >==============================================
> >>Date:         Tue, 18 Jul 2000 21:14:56 +0100
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> >>From: Dusan Lazar <lazard at PRFNW.UPOL.CZ>
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> >>
> >>Dear collegues,
> >>I am looking for a literature on the rate constants of the electron
> >>transport between tyr Z(+) and P680(+). I am especially interested in
> >>the value of the backward rate constant (e.g. electron transport from
> >>P680 back to tyr Z+). I know the BBA article by Brettel et al.
> >>(1984) and all other articles by these authors from eighties. Please,
> >>can you advise me some other references, if exist.
> >>Thank you for your help.
> >>Yours sincerely,
> >>Dusan Lazar
> >>Olomouc, Czech Republic
> >>
> >>
> >>Dusan Lazar, Dept. of Exper. Physics, Faculty of Science, Palacky
> >>University, tr. Svobody 26, 771 46 Olomouc, the Czech Republic
> >>tel: +420/68/5222451 ext. 315, fax: +420/68/5225737
> >>e-mail: lazard at risc.upol.cz
> >


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