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Message from Govindjee and Larry Orr

govindjee gov at life.uiuc.edu
Wed Jun 7 10:29:33 EST 2000

<x-flowed>Dear friends, researchers, and students of photosynthesis:
We (Larry Orr and Govindjee) desire to serve you better by updating and
enlarging their Web paper on "Photosynthesis and the World Wide Web".
In 1999, we published the following paper: Orr, L. and Govindjee (1999)
Photosynthesis and the World Wide Web. In: Photosynthesis: Mechanisms and
Effects, Garab, G. (Ed.) Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Vol. V, pp.
This paper was prepared to help everyone find good stuff on World Wide Web
as related to teaching and research in photosynthesis. It was presented by
Govindjee at the 1998 International Congress of Photosynthesis Research
held in Budapest, Hungary. In addition, both of us have placed this article
on the web pages (see a review**) of Arizona State University and of
University of Illinois. The URLs are:
We are planning to revise, expand and update this paper and add a page
where you can find URLs of all the important sites. We plan to do this work
during the months of June,July August. We encourage you to look at
our  current web pages (http://www-new.life.uiuc.edu/govindjee AND,
http://www.photoscience.la.asu.edu/photosyn) and the article itself (see
URLs given above). We request you to then send both of us what you think
should be added and where it should be added in our article. We hope to
receive your input by July 15, 2000. Please send your E-mails to both of us
(gov at uiuc.edu; and Larry.Orr at asu.edu ).
Thank you very much for your help. Everyone will benefit from your

Govindjee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Larry Orr (Arizona State University, Tempe)
**Review of our site:
Jenni Laidman (1999) writes, on page 5, in "Chemistry" (quarterly newspaper
for American Chemical Society (ACS) members and science students focussing
on the science and the people in chemistry):"Photosynthesis and the
WorldWideWeb" http://www.life.uiuc.edu/govindjee/photoweb
"Just about everything you need to know about the laboratories of chemists,
physicists, and biologists working to determine how plants convert light
into energy has been gathered on this page. Created by two of the leaders
in the field of photosynthesis, the uni-named Govindjee, of the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Larry Orr, of the Center for the Study
of Early Events of Photosynthesis at Arizona State University, this web
essay with links can be as much of a primer to the wonders of
photosynthesis as it is a resource to researchers. Organized into sections
for group research sites, individual sites, educational sites, books and
journal, and the grab bag "other", it is hard to find a photosynthesis site
they have missed. While most comprehensive lists of this kind are little
more than hypertext labels, this site has the additional benefit of
providing brief descriptions of what the web surfers will find" ****

****The ACS web site gives a PDF version of the above note. It is at:
and we think the chemfa99 part of the address is what would be used to
reference the newspaper.
E-mail: gov at uiuc.edu
Professor Emeritus
Biochemistry, Biophysics and Plant Biology
265 Morrill Hall, 505 South Goodwin Avenue
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana,IL 61801-3707, USA
URL: http://www.life.uiuc.edu/govindjee
Larry Orr
E-mail: Larry.Orr at ASU.edu
Administrative Associate
Photosynthesis Center
Arizona State University
Box 871604
Tempe, AZ 85287-1604 USA
URL: <http://photoscience.la.asu.edu/photosyn>


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