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You can Download PSII Model Coordinates

Govindjee gov at life.uiuc.edu
Fri Sep 29 15:09:56 EST 2000

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<div><font face="Times" color="#000000"><br></font></div>
<div><font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000"><br></font></div>
<div><font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000">Dear
<font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000"></font></div>
<div><font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000">Since we published
our paper on a model for Photosystem II Reaction Center of the green
alga<i> Chlamydomonas reinhardtii</i>&nbsp; in<b> Photosynthesis
Research</b> (Xiong et al. 56: 229-254, 1998), we have received&nbsp;
many requests for the coordinates of the model. We have sent the
coordinates in PDB format to whoever requested it in the past. In
order to make them more accessible to our&nbsp; teaching and research
community, we now are making them available on the Internet.&nbsp;
They can now be downloaded from Govindjee's web-page
(http://www.life.uiuc.edu/govindjee).</font><font face="Times"
size="+1" color="#007700"> Once in that web-page, you can click on
the &quot;<i>Teaching Materials</i>&quot; button, and go down to the
&quot;Research&quot; section to find the file.</font></div>
<div><font size="+1"><br></font></div>
<div><font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000">The coordinate file
has been compressed with the<i> Stuffit</i> program on Macintosh. So
you need to uncompress it with either<i> Stuffit</i> Expander on a
Mac or<i> Aladdin</i> Expander on a PC. You are welcome to use the
structure for both teaching and research.&nbsp; If you use it in your
research publication, we will appreciate citation to our paper.<b> If
you encounter any difficulty, please send E-mail to
&lt;jxiong at bio.indiana.edu&gt;.</b></font></div>
<div><font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000"><br></font></div>
<div><font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000">Thank you very much
for your attention.</font></div>
<div><font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000"><br></font></div>
<div><font face="Times" size="+1"
<div><font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000">and</font></div>
<div><font face="Times" size="+1" color="#000000">Jin
<div><font size="+1"><br></font></div>
<div>PS: Incidentally, 3 chapters (Photosynthetic Process by
Whitmarsh and Govindjee; Milestones in Photosynthesis Research by
Govindjee; and Historical Insight on the &quot;Role of Carotenoids in
Photosynthesis&quot; are also there for teaching purposes.</div>
<div><x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </x-tab>A pdf
file of the &quot;Milestones&quot; chapter can also be sent to you if
you E-mail Govindjee.</div>
<div>Additionally, for the benefit of the young (10 to 18) in your
family, you can see the&nbsp; &quot;New&quot; listing under
&quot;Announcements&quot; on Govindjee's home page; it is the first
one from the top. Have fun.</div>
<div><font face="Times" color="#007700"><b><br></b></font></div>

<div>-- <br>
Professor Emeritus of Biophysics and of Plant Biology [In
theDepartments of Plant Biology and of Biochemistry&nbsp; and in the
Center of Biophysics and Computational Biology]; And, member,
Graduate Faculty (till August, 2,002)<br>
MAILING ADDRESS: Department of Plant Biology,&nbsp; University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 265 Morrill Hall, 505 South Goodwin
Avenue, Urbana,IL 61801-3707,USA<br>
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Office phone: 217-333-1794; office fax: 217-244-7246<br>
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&quot;Let noble thoughts come to you from every side&quot; <br>


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