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Govindjee gov at life.uiuc.edu
Sat Sep 30 00:21:48 EST 2000

>       I just had my message to you return in "html". It was annoying to
>  read it. My apologies. I am trying to send it again. Hopefully, it will
>  come to you in regular/plain text.

>Dear Friends,
>Since we published our paper on a model for Photosystem II Reaction Center
>of the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii  in Photosynthesis Research
>(Xiong et al. 56: 229-254, 1998), we have received  many requests for the
>coordinates of the model. We have sent the coordinates in PDB format to
>whoever requested it in the past. In order to make them more accessible to
>our  teaching and research community, we now are making them available on
>the Internet.  They can now be downloaded from Govindjee's web-page
>(http://www.life.uiuc.edu/govindjee). Once in that web-page, you can click
>on the "Teaching Materials" button, and go down to the "Research" section
>to find the file.
>The coordinate file has been compressed with the Stuffit program on
>Macintosh. So you need to uncompress it with either Stuffit Expander on a
>Mac or Aladdin Expander on a PC. You are welcome to use the structure for
>both teaching and research.  If you use it in your research publication,
>we will appreciate citation to our paper. If you encounter any difficulty,
>please send E-mail to <jxiong at bio.indiana.edu>.
>Thank you very much for your attention.
>Jin Xiong
>PS: Incidentally, 3 chapters (Photosynthetic Process by Whitmarsh and
>Govindjee; Milestones in Photosynthesis Research by Govindjee; and
>Historical Insight on the "Role of Carotenoids in Photosynthesis" are also
>there for teaching purposes.
>          A pdf file of the "Milestones" chapter can also be sent to you if
>  you E-mail Govindjee.
>Additionally, for the benefit of the young (10 to 18) in your family, you
>can see the  "New" listing under "Announcements" on Govindjee's home page;
>it is the first one from the top. Have fun.


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