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List of members of National Academy of Sciences(USA)

Nobody nobody at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Sep 28 15:07:46 EST 2001

=46or your information, I attach here a list of members of the National
Academy of Sciences (USA). If there are any errors, please feel free to
send me the corrections.Thanks.
Editor, Historical Corner, Photosynthesis Research

An alphabetical list of members of the National Academy of Sciences, USA,
whose research has been related to photosynthesis (compiled by Govindjee,
September28, 2001)

NAME is followed by year of election and area.

ARNOLD, William A. (1962; Plant Biology)
ARNTZEN, Charles J. (1983; Plant Biology)

BENSON, Andrew A.( 1973; Plant Biology)
BJORKMAN, Olle (1979; Plant Biology)
BOGORAD, Lawrence (1971; Plant Biology))
BOYER, John S.(1990; Plant Biology)
BOYER, Paul D. (1970; Biochemistry)
BUCHANAN, Bob (1995; Plant Biology)

CHANCE, Britton (1954; Biochemistry)
CLAYTON, Roderick K. (1977; Plant Biology)

DEISENHOFER, Johann (1997; Biophysics; Foreign Associate) (lives in USA)
DUYSENS, Louis N. M. (1977; Plant Biology; Foreign Associate)

=46EHER, George (1975; Biophysics)
=46IELD, Christopher B. (2001; Environmental Sciences and Ecology)

GANTT, Elisabeth (1996; Plant Biology)
GIBBS, Martin (1974; Plant Biology)
GLAZER, Alexander N. (2001; Biochemistry)

HATCH, Marshall D. (1990; Plant Biology; Foreign Associate)

JAGENDORF, Andre (1980; Plant Biology)
JEFFREY, Shirley W. (2000; Plant Biology; Foreign Associate)
JOLIOT, Pierre (1979; Plant Biology; Foreign Associate)

KAMEN, Martin D. (1962; Biochemistry)
KATZ, Joseph (1973; Chemistry)

LORIMER, George H. (1997; Plant Biology)

MARCUS, Rudolp A. (1970; Chemistry)
MICHEL, Hartmut (1996; Biophysics; Foreign Associate)
MYERS, Jack (1975; Plant Biology)

OGREN, William L. (1986; Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences)

PORTER, George (Porter of Luddenham, Lord) (1974; Chemistry, Foreign Associa=

SANPIETRO, Anthony (1983; Biochemistry)
SOMERVILLE, Christopher R. (1996, Plant Biology)

VON WETTSTEIN, Diter (1981, Plant Biology; Foreign Associate)(lives in USA)

DECEASED MEMBERS (a partial list)

ARNON, Daniel (Nov. 14-Dec. 20, 1994; elected in 1961)
CALVIN, Melvin (April 8, 1911-January 8, 1997; elected in 1954)
EMERSON, Robert (Nov. 4, 1903-Feb. 3; elected in 1953)
=46RENCH, C. Stacy (Dec. 13, 1907-Oct. 13, 1995; elected in 1963)
=46RANCK, James (Aug. 26, 1882-May 21, 1964; elected in 1944)
HILL, Robert (April 2, 1899-March 15, 1991; elected Foreign associate in 197=
KOK, Bessel (Nov. 7, 1918-April 27, 1979; elected in 1974)
WILST=9FTTER, Richard (August 13, 1872-August 2, 1947; elected Foreign
Associate in 1926)
WOODWARD, Robert B (April 10, 1917-July 8, 1979; elected in 1953)

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