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New book on photosynthesis just published

Robert Blankenship blankenship at asu.edu
Wed Jan 23 18:06:55 EST 2002

<x-flowed>Molecular Mechanisms of Photosynthesis
Author:  Robert E. Blankenship

This is an introduction to photosynthesis, with the emphasis on the
molecular level. Photosynthesis has long been a paradigm for
interdisciplinary science, where physicists, chemists and biologists
pool their expertise to understand one of the most important and complex
natural processes on Earth. The interdisciplinary aspect is emphasized
in the book, and selected topics of chemistry, physics, biology and
geology are included.

* Target audience is beginning graduate students and advanced undergraduates
* Stresses an interdisciplinary approach
* Emphasizes the recent advances in molecular structures and mechanisms
* Contains comprehensive coverage of both bacterial and plant photosynthesis
* Includes the latest insights and research on structural information,
improved spectroscopic techniques as well as advances in biochemical and
genetic methods
* Presents an extensive treatment of the origin and evolution of
* Comprehensive appendix, which includes a detailed introduction to the
physical basis of photosynthesis, including thermodynamics, kinetics and

Chapter 1 - Light and Energy
Chapter 2 - Organization and Structure of Photosynthetic Systems
Chapter 3 - History and Development of Photosynthesis
Chapter 4 - Photosynthetic Pigments-Structure and Spectroscopy
Chapter 5 - Antenna Complexes and Energy Transfer Processes
Chapter 6 - Reaction Center Complexes
Chapter 7 - Electron Transfer Pathways and Components
Chapter 8 - Chemiosmotic Coupling and ATP Synthesis
Chapter 9 - Carbon Metabolism
Chapter 10 - Genetics, Assembly and Regulation of Photosynthetic Systems
Chapter 11 - Origin and Evolution of Photosynthesis
Appendix 1 - Light, Energy and Kinetics

Blackwell Science, Oxford, UK
169 illustrations
328 pages
Paperback ISBN 0632043210
Copyright 2002

Web page for this book is:
Also available at amazon.com


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