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Announcing a Book on Photosynthetic Nitrogen Assimilation, etc

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Sat Mar 1 17:41:15 EST 2003

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<TITLE>Announcing a Book on Photosynthetic Nitrogen Assimilation, etc</TITLE>
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<P><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;I am pleased to announce the publication in 
December 2002 of :</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Photosynthetic Nitrogen Assimilation and Associated 
Carbon and Respiratory</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Metabolism, Volume 12 in Advances in Photosynthesis 
and Respiration, 304</FONT>


<P><FONT SIZE=2>Edited by Christine H. Foyer, UK, and, Graham Noctor, 

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Special discounts are available for members of 
International Society of</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Photosynthesis Research (ISPR): <A 

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>regular price is US $135, hardcopy only).</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Address for Foyer and Noctor book at the Kluwer Site 
is ;</FONT>


<P><FONT SIZE=2>I include below information about the book and the 
Table of Contents along</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>with the names of ALL authors!</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Govindjee</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Series Editor, Advances in Photosynthesis and 


<P><FONT SIZE=2>This book focuses on the very latest developments in 
our understanding of</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>how plants use light energy and fixed carbon to 
assimilate nitrate and</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>ammonium into the organic compounds required for 
growth. From the</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>partitioning of organic nitrogen within the 
photosynthetic apparatus,</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>through the primary&nbsp; processes of reduction of 
nitrate and nitrite and the</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>assimilation of ammonium and its cycling in 
photorespiration, the complex</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>interactions inherent in the cross talk between 
carbon and nitrogen</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>assimilation are considered and exciting new 
developments such as nitric</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>oxide production evaluated.Attention is paid 
throughout to the close</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>coordination of photosynthetic and respiratory 
processes in nitrogen</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>assimilation. Emerging concepts of the 
interdependence of chloroplasts and</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>mitochondria are described, and essential 
communication, transport and</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>signaling processes are highlighted. This is the 
first comprehensive</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>treatise on photosynthetic nitrogen assimilation. 
Written by a</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>multinational team of experts, this work will be an 
invaluable tool for</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>students at final-year undergraduate and graduate 
level, as well as</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>essential and engaging reading for all those whose 
enthusiasm is fired by</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;the intricate metabolic networks that support 
the growth of the earth's</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>major crops.</FONT>


<BR><FONT SIZE=2>TABLE OF CONTENTS (There are 15 Chapters):</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Editorial by Govindjee</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Table of Contents</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;Preface by C.H. Foyer &amp; G. Noctor</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;Color Plates: 3</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 1. Photosynthetic Nitrogen Assimilation: 
Inter-Pathway Control and</FONT>

Signaling; C.H. Foyer, G. Noctor</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 2. Photsynthesis and Nitrogen-Use Efficiency; 
P.A. Kumar, M.A.J.</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;Parry, R.A.C. Mitchell, A. Ahmad, Y.P. Abrol</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter&nbsp; 3. Molecular Control of Nitrate 
Reductases and Other Enzymes</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Involved in Nitrate Assimilation; W.H. Campbell</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 4. Soluble and Plasma Membrane-Bound Enzymes 
Involved in Nitrate and</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Nitrite Metabolism;&nbsp; C. Meyer, C. Stohr</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 5. What Limits Nitrate Reduction in Leaves?; 
W.M. Kaiser, M.</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Stoimenova,H-M Man</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter&nbsp; 6. The Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, 
and Genetic Manipulation</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>of Primary Ammonia Assimilation; B. Hirel, P.J. Lea</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 7. Regulation of Ammonium Assimilation in 
Cyanobacteria; F.J.</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Florencio, J.C. Reyes</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 8&nbsp; Photorespiratory Carbon and Nitrogen 
Cycling: Evidence from</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Studies of Mutant and Transgenic Plants;&nbsp; A.J. 
Keys, R.C. Leegood</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 9. The Regulation of Plant 
Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase by</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Reversible Phosphorylation; J. Vidal, N. Bakrim, M. 

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 10. Mitochondrial Functions in the Light and 
Significance to</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Carbon-Nitrogen Interactions; P. Gardestrom, A.U. 
Igamberdiev, A.S.</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Raghavendra</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 11. Alternative Oxidase: Integrating Carbon 
Metabolism and</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Electron Transport in Plant Respiration; G.C. 
Vanlerberghe, S.H. Ordog</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 12. Nitric Oxide Synthesis by Plants and its 
Potential Impact on</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Nitrogen and Respiratory Metabolism; A.H. Millar, 
D.A. Day,C. Mathieu</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 13. Nitrogen and Signaling; A. Krapp, S. 
Ferrario-Mery,B. Turaine</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 14. Regulation of Carbon and Nitrogen 
Assimilation Through&nbsp; Gene</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>Expression; T. Sugiyama, H. Sakakibara</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 15. Intracellular and Intercellular Transport 
of Nitrogen</FONT>

and Carbon; G. Lohaus, K. Fischer</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Chapter 16. Optimizing Carbon-Nitrogen Budgets: 
perspectives for Crop</FONT>

Improvement; J.A. Raven, L.L. Handley,M. Andrews</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>&nbsp;Index.</FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>==-======</FONT>



<BR><FONT SIZE=2>==========</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>-- </FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>---</FONT>


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