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Announcing the publication of History Issues, Part 3, PSRES,

Nobody nobody at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Sun Jun 13 16:16:14 EST 2004


On behalf of all parties concerned,I am delighted to announce that the 3rd
(and the last) part of " Celebrating Historical Highlights of
Photosynthesis Research" (edited by Govindjee, John F. Allen and J. Thomas
Beatty) is now available on line

It is volume 80 of the Kluwer journal "Photosynthesis Research"
(Editor-in-chief, David Knaff). Part 2, edited by Govindjee, Beatty and
Howard Gest, was published in 2003, as volume 76 (458 pp), and part 1,
edited by Govindjee and Gest, was published in 2002, as volume 73 (303

All these three issues can be fully accessed through your membership in
ISPR (International Society of Photosynthesis Research;
http://www.photosynthesisresearch.org/; President: R. E. Blankenship), or
through subscription by your library at your institution. However, you can
see the Table of Contents even if you are not an ISPR member or your
library does not subscribe to it.

This special issue (Part 3) contains the following (preliminary matter,
and 34 articles, 640pp):

A) Front Matter that includes a 1963 group photograph of a gathering at
the Airlie House (Virginia, USA); a photograph of Martin Kamen receiving
the Enrico Fermi Award for the discovery of radiocarbon-14; short
obituaries of Lawrence Bogorad and Andre Pirson.

B) Introductory Material that includes the Editorial by Govindjee, Allen
and Beatty;  Time Line of discoveries in oxygenic photosynthesis
(Govindjee and D. Krogmann); and of anoxygenic bacterial photosynthesis (
H. Gest and R.E. Blamnkenship).

C) Tributes: on James Franck (by J.L. Rosenberg) and on Samuel Ruben (by
H. Gest).

D) Historical Minireviews in the following area (not the actual titles).

(I) Reaction Centers and Photosystems: (1) structure and function of
photosystems I and II (H.T. Witt); (2) structure and function of
photosystem I (P. Fromme and P. Mathis); (3) early research on oxidation
states of manganese in vivo (T.J. Wydrzynski); (4) structure and function
of photosystem II (J. Barber); (5) bacterial reaction center (J.P. Allen).

(II)  Light Harvesting and Pigment =96Protein Complexes: (6) chlorophyll
chemistry (J.Fajer); (7) structure of bacterial light-harvesting complexes
(R. Cogdell, H. Hashimoto and A.T. Gardiner); (8) FMO protein (J.M.Olson);
(9) on the names of chlorophyl proteins (E.L. Camm and B.R. Green).

(III) Electron Transport, Proton Gradients and ATP: (10) Protons, Proteins
and ATP (W.Junge); (11) the Q-cycle (A.R. Crofts); (12) on the delocalized
versus localized protons (R.A. Dilley); (13) Cytochrome f (D.S. Bendall);
(14) isolation of cytochrme b6f complex (G. Hauska); (15) structure and
function of cytochrme b6f complex (W.A. Cramer).

(IV) Reductive Processes: (16) Ferredoxin-NADP reductase (M. Shin); (17)
Carbon di-oxide fixation in microorganisms (F.R. Tabita).

(V) Biogenesis: (18) Chaperones (R.J. Ellis); (19) questions on
chloroplast structure (S. Wildman, A.M. Hirsch, S.J. Kirchanski and D.
Spencer); (20) regulation of photosystem synthesis in bacteria (C.Bauer).

(VI) Evolution: (21) Archaea (C.R. Woese); (22) evolution of
photosynthesis (J.M. Olson and R.E. Blankenship).

(VII) Techniques and Applications: (23) stopped-flow method (B.Chance);
(24) hydrogen research (A.Melis and T.Happe); (25) engineering of
chloroplast-encoded proteins (L. Xiong and R.T. Sayre); (26) pictorial
demonstrations of photosynthesis (R.P. Hangarter and H. Gest).

(VIII) Retrospectives: (27) Rabinowitch=92s laboratory (A.K. Ghosh); (28)
1963 Airlie House conference (H.J. Rurainski); and (29) photosynthesis
conferences and edited books in photosynthesis (Govindjee).

At your service,


Assiciate Editor, Historical Corner, Photosynthesis Research
e-mail: gov at life.uiuc.edu

Mailing address: Govindjee, Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry, Biophysics
and Plant Biology, Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois,
265 Morrill Hall,MC-116, 505 South Goodwin Avenue, Urbana,IL 61801-3707,

Telephones: 217-337-0627 (home); 217-333-1794 (office); fax: 217-244-7246
E-mail: gov at life.uiuc.edu; URL: http://www.life.uiuc.edu/govindjee
Part 3 of the History Issues of "Photosynthesis Research" is now
published in Volume 80(2004).


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