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Chloroplast Biogenesis: From Proplastid to Gerontoplast(2003)

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Fri Oct 1 01:21:58 EST 2004

Dear Chloroplast lovers:

I did want to bring to your attention a book "Chloroplast Biogenesis: From
Proplastid to Gerontoplast", authored by Biswal et al. (2003). It is a
very nice book. Hope you and your students will enjoy reading it.

Udaya C. Biswal, Basanti Biswal, and Mukesh K. Raval  (2003) Chloroplast
Biogenesis: From Proplastid to Gerontoplast; 353 pages; Kluwer Academic
Publishers (now Springer); ISBN: 1402016026

=94This book describes biogenesis of the organelle that involves several
events associated with the transformation of proplastid to chloroplast. It
includes index, references, and list of abbreviations. It includes color
pictures. It is the first book that provides the complete story of
chloroplast biogenesis, from proplastid to gerontoplast with mature
chloroplast as the transient. Development of mature chloroplast from
proplastid and subsequent transformation of the mature organelle to
gerontoplast during senescence are critically reviewed in the background
of regulatory events associated with them. The book is organized into five
chapters including  introduction (Chapter 1), which briefly deals with the
basic concept of plastid transformations during leaf development and
senescence. Chapter 2 highlights pigment synthesis, assembly and
regulation of various thylakoid complexes and Rubisco. Chapter 3 provides
an up to date account of structure and function of a mature chloroplast
that covers molecular and crystallographic structures of photosynthetic
complexes and their functions. This chapter also describes chloroplast
metabolism, enzymology and regulation of CO2 fixation. Response of
chloroplast to environmental stress is also included in this chapter.
=46ormation of gerontoplast during leaf senescence, its regulation and
molecular biology are described in chapter 4. This chapter makes the book
very different from others published on chloroplast biogenesis. The book
concludes with chapter 5 that establishes links to all the chapters and
integrates the data on organelle development and senescence.=94

Mailing address: Govindjee, Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry, Biophysics
and Plant Biology, Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois,
265 Morrill Hall,MC-116, 505 South Goodwin Avenue, Urbana,IL 61801-3707,

Telephones: 217-337-0627 (home); 217-333-1794 (office); fax: 217-244-7246
E-mail: gov at life.uiuc.edu; URL: http://www.life.uiuc.edu/govindjee

=46or "Instructions to Authors:"

=46or "Notes on Electronic Desktop Publishing/Typesetting:"

=46or "Notes on Indexing the Chapters:"


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