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[Photosynthesis] Plant Respiration Books Released

Govindjee gov at uiuc.edu
Mon Aug 1 12:22:48 EST 2005

Dear readers of photosynthesis and respiration:
We now have two new books on 'Plant Respiration' (see below double line) .
Information follows. Please spread the word to students and faculty.
Special discounts are available also. You may contact Springer, the
editors (Lambers and Ribas-Carbo) , Springer, or me (Govindjee) for
further information.
Good reading.
Series Editor, AIPH

[1] Plant Mitochondria: From Genome to Function
David Day; A. Harvey Millar; James Whelan (Eds.)
Th e book begins with an overview of the dynamics of mitochondrial
structure, morphology and inheritance. It then discusses the biogenesis of
mitochondria, the regulation of gene expression, the mitochondrial genome
and its interaction with the nucleus, and the targeting of proteins to the
organelle. This is followed by a discussion of the contributions that
mutations, involving mitochondrial proteins, have made to our
understanding of the way the organelle interacts with the rest of the
plant cell, and the new fi eld of proteomics and the discovery of new
functions. Also covered are the pathways of electron transport, with
special attention to the non-phosphorylating bypasses, metabolite
transport, and specialized mitochondrial metabolism. In the end, the
impact of oxidative stress on mitochondria and the defense mechanisms,
that are employed to allow survival, are discussed
2004 XXVIII, 325 p. Hardcover; Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration
(series editor: Govindjee), Volume 17 (2004)
ISBN 1-4020-2001-5

[2] Plant Respiration :  From Cell to Ecosystem
Hans Lambers; Miquel Ribas-Carbo (Eds.)
Respiration in plants is essential to provide metabolic energy and carbon
skeletons for growth and maintenance. As such, respiration is an essential
component of a plant’s carbon budget. Depending on species and
environmental conditions, it consumes 25-75% of all the carbohydrates
produced in photosynthesis. Respiration in plants can also proceed in a
manner that produces neither metabolic energy nor carbon skeletons, but
heat. Th is type of respiration involves the cyanide-resistant,
alternative oxidase; it is unique to plants, and resides in the
mitochondria. The activity of this alternative pathway can be measured
based on a diff erence in fractionation of oxygen isotopes between the
cytochrome and the alternative oxidase. Heat production is important in
some fl owers to attract pollinators; however, the alternative oxidase
also plays a major role in leaves and roots of plants. A common thread
throughout this volume is to link respiration, including alternative
oxidase activity,
to plant functioning in diff erent environments. 2005 XIV, 250 p.
Hardcover; Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration (series editor:
Govindjee), Volume 18 (2005)
ISBN 1-4020-3588-8

[3] Websites:
[A] Table of Contents of Volumes 1-19 of Advances in Photosynthesis and
Respiration (AIPH) are at:
[B]  Springer site for the  AIPH volumes are at:
http://www.springeronline.com (Search for Advances in Photosynthesis and
[For discount, contact Springer, Editors, or Govindjee]

Recent AIPH Books are:

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(Eds.), Vol. 19, 2004, 25% discount for members of ISPR ... More

 (ii) Plant Respiration · From Cell to Ec... Lambers, H., Ribas-Carbo, M.
(Eds.), Vol. 18, 2005 ... More 	 	US$179.00

 (iii) Plant Mitochondria · From Genome to... Day, D., Millar, A.H.,
Whelan, J. (et al.) (Eds.), Vol. 17, 2004 ... More 	 	US$198.0

 (iv)Respiration in Archaea and Bacteria Zannoni, D. (Ed.), Vol. 16, 2004
... More 	 	US$199.00

 (v) Respiration in Archaea and Bacteria Zannoni, D. (Ed.), Vol. 15, 2004
... More 	 	US$193.00

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