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[Photosynthesis] Beta estradiol transport in plant

Mandy P sugarpup03 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 16 23:06:28 EST 2006


Not sure how long ago you posted this or if you are still looking for an 

My humble guess would be that the cells of the plant are unable to take up 
the beta estradiol because the method of transport is active and ATP is 
needed to do so. The sucrose supplies the energy needed to do this. Beta 
estradiol is a steriod and steroids usually pass through cell membranes 
easily. Like dissolves like. Perhaps because you are experimenting with a 
plant cell which is surrounded by a cell wall maybe diffusion is prevented  
or compromised unless it is actively pumped by the cell. Perhaps beta 
estradiol is absorbed minimally through the small openings in the cell wall 
but not enough to be perceived by your instruments.

Another guess would be that the steroid is too big and needs to be 
transported in a vesicle? Is ATP needed to create a vesicle?... I'm not 

If I am too late in responding and you all ready have a hypothesis I would 
appreciate if you tell me what you finaly concluded.

Ms. Pabon

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