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protists in aquaculture

Dave Roberts dmr at nhm.ac.uk
Mon Dec 12 11:26:13 EST 1994

> I am looking for published studies of the use of protists as first foods in
> aquaculture hatchery operations.  I have seen various abstracts concerning
> this application, but not any papers.  I have also heard that Japanese
> researchers may be working in this area, but again I can find no published
> reports.
> Does anyone have information and/or leads on this?
> Richard A. Snyder

Hi Richard,

A couple of years ago a small start-up company in Cambridge (UK) put out
a request for strains of protists to feed to larval fish.  We talked to
them but basically they wanted access to cultures on the cheap and didn't
want to pay for the necessary work.  We didn't follow this up.

Masachika Maeda is Head of Live Feeds Section of the

	National Research Institute of Aquaculture,
	Mei, 516-01			Tel: 05996-6-1830
	Japan				Fax: 05996-6-1962

He is a protistologist who has worked with oligotrich ciliates before
moving to the NRIA.  He doesn't have access to Internet.

I am very interested in this general field and would appreciate it if
you would circulate anything you can find over the net.

Good luck,   Dave
Dr D.McL. Roberts               Tel: +44 (0)171 938 8790
Dept. Zoology,                  Fax: +44 (0)171 938 9158
The Natural History Museum,
Cromwell Road,                  Internet: dmr at nhm.ac.uk
London              SW7 5BD
Great Britain

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