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Russell Shiel shielr at mdfrc.canberra.edu.au
Sun Dec 18 21:59:42 EST 1994

On 16 Dec 1994, Dave Roberts wrote:

> > 
> > I am looking for information on the protzoa Blephora. My daughter's
> > high school biology class oberved the organism. Her teach commented
> > that there didn't seem to be much information on it. My daughter
> > checked the local library with no results. I told her I would try to
> > get something from internet. I'm looking for tracts, term papers or
> > news articles that conerns Blepharisma.  The material could be intended
> > for either the students or the teacher. If anyone has anything that
> > would be useable please send it to my e-mail address. Anything up to
> > about 5,000 words would be welcome.
> Rick,
> Blepharisma is a genus of spirotrich ciliates which characteristically
> are pink in colour.  They also have a prominent set of membranelles
> which look rather like fluttering eyelashes, whence the name (blepharon
> is greek for eyelid).  It is widely distributed and quite common, both
> in fresh and sea water.
> In fact, there is a very large literature available on Blepharisma, 
> although it may not be accessible to high school students.  It is
> mostly in papers which are spread thoughout the literature and many
> of which are quite old.  This is a very common problem to those wishing
> to work with the protists and who do not have access to a good library.
> Try and get hold of this book:
> Blepharisma: the biology of a light sensitive protozoan
> by Arthur C. Giese.  Stanford University Press, 1973.
> Almost any of the standard text books covering the ciliates should
> have somthing about Blepharisma.
> Good luck,  Dave.
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> The Natural History Museum,
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> Great Britain
Curds,Cr, M.A. Gates & D.McL. Roberts (1983) British and other freshwater 
ciliated Protozoa. Part II. Cambridge Univ. Press has a paragraph of 
text and a line-drawing, pp. 298-299, with some extra references. 
More detail is given by Foissner, W., H. Berger & F. Kohmann (1992) in 
Taxonomische und okologische Revision der Ciliaten des Saprobiensystems. 
Bayerisches Landesamt fur Wasserwirtschaft - pp. 382-4 including 
taxonomy, ecology, etc. If you want to follow this up, I could provide an 
abbreviated translation by fax.  My e-mail address is:
	Shielr at mdfrc.canberra.edu.au
	FAX: 61-60-431-626 (Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre, 
Albury, New South Wales, Australia.
Russ Shiel

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