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> It seems now that there is considerable corroboration of the notion that
> the ciliates, dinoflagellates and apicomplexans form a clade.  I can't
> seem to find any specific reference to anyone having given this clade
> a name though.  The best I could find was Cavalier-Smith placing the dinos 
> and apicomplexans together in the Miozoa, though he placed the ciliates
> elsewhere in the Allozoa.  Wolters (I think it was) figured a molecular
> phylogeny with the ciliate/dinoflagellate/apicomplexan clade bracketed
> off as the "Dinozoa".  My memory, suc as it is, recalls some mention
> somewhere of these taxa being grouped together in something like the
> "Alveolaceae" in reference to their mitochondrial cristae (I think, or 
> perhaps it was in reference to the multi-membraned plasmalemma). 
> Thanks,
> Mark

The alveoates as a group (but not under this name) go back at least to
Gajadhar et al. (1991). Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 45 147-154.

The name Alveolata is mentioned in:
Cavalier-Smith T (1991). Cell diversification in heterotrophic flagellates.
 The biology of free-living heterotrophic Flagellates (eds David J.
Patterson and Jacob Larsen), Systematics Associates Special Volume No. 45,
pp. 113-31. Clarendon Press, Oxford.

It read as follows:
"...I have grouped dinozoa, ciliates, and apicomplexa in a new infrakingdom
Alveolata (Cavalier-Smith 1991d)." This paper is cited in the REFERENCES as
follows: Cavalier-Smith T (1991d). Kingdom Protozoa and its 16 phyla.
Journal of Protozoology (in press). 

To the best of my knowledge, this paper was never submitted, let alone in
press.  The bottomline: the Alveolata is a name referenced to a fictive
paper and a correct citation is now becoming sort of a problem.


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