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Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
Sun Jul 10 21:37:12 EST 1994

I'm having a little literature problem here in Virginia.  

It seems now that there is considerable corroboration of the notion that
the ciliates, dinoflagellates and apicomplexans form a clade.  I can't
seem to find any specific reference to anyone having given this clade
a name though.  The best I could find was Cavalier-Smith placing the dinos 
and apicomplexans together in the Miozoa, though he placed the ciliates
elsewhere in the Allozoa.  Wolters (I think it was) figured a molecular
phylogeny with the ciliate/dinoflagellate/apicomplexan clade bracketed
off as the "Dinozoa".  My memory, suc as it is, recalls some mention
somewhere of these taxa being grouped together in something like the
"Alveolaceae" in reference to their mitochondrial cristae (I think, or 
perhaps it was in reference to the multi-membraned plasmalemma). 

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, particularly vis authors, titles, 
and and journal vol. & pages.  



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