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Osmoregulation in Protists

Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
Sat Jul 30 12:31:48 EST 1994

In article <319jdo$hll at rda.frc.maf.govt.nz> jbj at rda.frc.maf.govt.nz (Brian Jones) writes:
>I would be interested to see what response this gets. As far as I am

I have received some responses.  The gist of it was that little had been
done.  Paddy had done his dissertation on this though.  I will find
the reponses and post them (editing out anything personal of course).

>aware from the work I have done on Bonamia (a single cell
>?Ascetosporan?) there is no attempt at osmoregulation, the cell is
>isotonic with seawater. Indeed Seawater makes an ideal buffer for

Unrelated issue:  Do you really think the Marteliids (Bonamia, Martelia, etc)
are related to the Haplos?  Many (e.g., Frank Perkins, Gene Burreson)
would disagree with you.

>I suspect that the spore forming Ascetosporans (such as
>Minchinia, Haplosporidium) which tend to be estuarine, unlike
>Bonamia, require their spore stage to avoid salinity changes associated
>with freshes and floods which would otherwise kill naked infective
>stages in the environment.

Actually, given the epispore ornamentation I would suspect a role in dispersal in th water column as well.

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