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I see an urgent need for BIGGER PROTOZOA.

brian w hart hart at vnet.ibm.com
Sat Jun 4 01:29:01 EST 1994

In <Cqt8Ep.Bu1 at world.std.com>, kibo at world.std.com (James "Kibo" Parry) writes:
>Okay, so the ameba Chaos Carolinensis is the world's largest protozoan,
>standing a hefty 1/10mm tall.  It looks like a dot to the naked eye.
>Big fat hairy deal!  What this world needs is a protozoan big enough to
>not only hold in your hand, but to hold up to the light so you can watch
>all the little internal thingies oozing around with the naked eye.
>Heck, you could even keep this hypthetical Big Protozoan as a pet.
>You could slice it up and have a tasty snack, or you could substitute it
>for the lost beanbag in that old Toss Across(R) game in your attic.
[rest deleted]

As a great Leader once said:
"Spiced?  Ham?"

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