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I see an urgent need for BIGGER PROTOZOA.

Jeremy Reimer jaguar at claw.wimsey.com
Thu Jun 9 05:25:55 EST 1994

In article <2suk2g$s7s at Times.Stanford.EDU> asuter at Xenon.Stanford.EDU (Lupus Yonderboy) writes:
>Thus spake jaguar at claw.wimsey.com (Jeremy Reimer):
>>In article <Cqt8Ep.Bu1 at world.std.com> kibo at world.std.com writes:
>>>Okay, so the ameba Chaos Carolinensis is the world's largest protozoan,
>>              ^^^^^
>>You misspelled "Amiga".
>Amiga's are really protozoans? Then how do you explain the
>Guru Meditation Errors?

Very small surfboards.


Jeremy "OS/2ibo" Reimer

Completely uninvolved in the Imminent Death of the Net since 1989.

"This is the snobbery of the people on the Mayflower looking down
 their noses at the people who came over ON THE SECOND BOAT!"
                  - Mitch Kapor, on Usenet elitism

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