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Protist Info Needed

Logan dman325 at FLASH.NET
Mon Oct 7 00:16:51 EST 1996

I am in the 9th grade and doing a project on protists, and I need all 
information I can get.  Here are the names of the protists I need info
1) Cafeteria roenbergensis
2) Chlamydomonas moewusii
3) Coleochaete scutata
4) Cryptomonas ovata
5) Halosphaera minor
6) Paramecium
7) Peridinium cinctum
8) Porphyra columbina
9) Poterioochromonas stipitata
10) Pyramimonas parkeae
11) Raphidiophrys pallida
12) Reclinomonas americana
13) Salpingoeca sp.
14) Stylonychia mytilus
15) Tetraselmis marina
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
dman325 at flash.net

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