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general information on protozoa

Donald L Ferry wolfbat359 at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 24 22:06:29 EST 1997

"Chris Fields" <cjfields at jove.acs.unt.edu> wrote:

> Hi there,
>Just wondering if anybody out there knows of some good starting points
>(background information, etc) on protozoa for a grad student interested in
>researching these amazing organisms.  I would rather have textbook
>references or on-line sources, but right now I'm working with the protozoan
>chapter out of three microbiology textbooks which have little info.
>C. J. Fields
>PhD Student
>University of North Texas

Hard to say!  What is your interests in your study of Protozoa.
1. Ecology
2.  BioChemistry
3.  Microstructure
4 Behavior

Most of my books are old!

1.  Handbook of Protoctista, Editors Lynn Margulis, John O. Corliss,
Michael Melkonian and David  J. Chapman 1990

2.  Protozology , by Richard R Kudo 1977

3.  Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa by the Society of
Protozoologists 1985

4.  Protozoa, Mackinnon and Hawes 1961

5. "The Ciliated Protozoa" by John O. Corliss 1979

6.  "Blepharisma: The Biology of a Light-Sensitive Protozoan", By
Arthur C. Giese 1973

7.  "The Biology of Free-Living Heterotrophic Flagellates", Edited by
David J Patterson and Jacob Larsen,  1991

8.  "Introduction to Protology"Reginald D Manwell, 1968

9.  "Electron Microscopic Structure of Protozoa", by Dr. D. R.
Pitelka, 1963

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