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Basic Taxonomy Question

Michelle Wait zlbmmw at zoo.upe.ac.za
Tue Nov 18 08:34:26 EST 1997

Hello Protist People,

I'm afraid that I may be breaching etiquette left right and centre 
with this message! I'm not subscribed to the group and found the 
address through an internet search.  Could you therefor send me the 
subscription infromation to the group, or send help directly to:
zlbmmw at zoo.upe.ac.za

Now for the problem. I'm teaching a very basic, introductory course
to the Kingdom Protozoa, and I'd like to know what is the current,
most correct classification of the group.  The information I have is
from general texts:

A)  Rupert and Barnes (1994)  - e.g. Phylum Rhizopoda, Class Lobosea
for *Amoeba* and

B)  C. L. Harris (1992) -e.g. Phylum Sarcomastigophora, Class
Lobosea for  *Amoeba*

Which is more correct, if either?  Could you suggest any better 
alternative.  Please bear in mind that we do NOT have an extensive 
library or book lending service available here.

Thank you,
Michelle Wait

Zoology Department
University of Port Elizabeth
P.O. Box 1600
P.E. 6001
South Africa
Tel:    (041) 5042 316 (office)
        (041) 5042 641 (computers)
E-MAIL: ZLBMMW at zoo.upe.ac.za

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