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Flagellates Symposium

Mark Farmer farmer at emlab.cb.uga.edu
Thu Apr 2 11:58:12 EST 1998

THE FLAGELLATES - An International Symposium

Birmingham, UK
September 7th-10th, 1998

B.S.C. Leadbeater:  School of Biological Sciences, University of
Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT, UK
Fax:  +44 121 414 5925
e-mail:  B.S.C.Leadbeater at bham.ac.uk

J.C. Green:  Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Citadel Hill, Plymouth PL1
2PB, UK Fax:  +44 1752 633102 e-mail:  j.green at pml.ac.uk


The evolution of the flagellum has been inextricably linked with the
development of the eukaryotic cell and its requirement for movement.
Flagellate cells are universal either as individual species (the
flagellates), reproductive or dispersal stages within life cycles, or
as specialised cells of multicellular organisms.

Flagellates are ubiquitous. They may, for example, be free-living and
autotrophic or heterotrophic; symbiotic or parasitic. In spite of
their great diversity, and whatever their particular habit or niche,
they are united by the 'flagellate condition'.

The purpose of this International Symposium is to examine flagellates
from a multidisciplinary standpoint. Of primary concern will be the
unifying structures, mechanisms and processes involved in flagellate
biology. Other objectives will include exploration of the enormous
diversity that occurs within flagellates generally, and of the latest
information on flagellate phylogeny.  

Recent advances in molecular biology, genetics, microscopy and other
disciplines have led to a wealth of new information on flagellates and
the time has come to bring together in one meeting experts
representing all aspects of research on these organisms. 
Contributions on any aspects of the biology of free-living, symbiotic
or parasitic flagellates that fall within the broad objectives
outlined above will be welcome.

This meeting will include invited keynote addresses and
contributed papers and posters. There will also be opportunities for
informal discussions and workshops.


The keynote contributors include:

Common aspects of flagellates

Barry Leadbeater (UK)  Historical perspectives
John Raven (UK)  The flagellate condition
Mike Holwill (UK) Flagellar propulsion
Ojvind Moestrup (Denmark) Cytoskeleton:  ultrastructure
Jeff Salisbury (USA)   Cytoskeleton:  molecular aspects
Burkhard Becker (Germany)  Flagellate surfaces
Hiroshi Kawai (Japan)   Sensory mechanisms


Michael Sleigh (UK)  Trophic strategies
Guy Brugerolle (France)  Amitochondriate flagellates
Keith Vickerman (UK)  Adaptations to parasitism
Johanna Laybourn-Parry (UK)  The microbial loop
Hartmut Arndt (Germany)  Niche exploitation
David Patterson (Australia)  Biogeography
Linda Medlin (Germany)  Flagellate populations


Mark Farmer & Marshall Darley (USA)  Organelles:
evolutionary aspects
Serguei Karpov (Russia)  Ultrastructural perspectives
Tom Cavalier-Smith (Canada)  Flagellate megaevolution


The Symposium will be held at the University of Birmingham. 
Birmingham is England's Second City with a rich commercial and
cultural life. There is an international airport as well as excellent
road, rail and air links with London and other parts of the UK.  The
University is on an attractive campus situated near the city centre
which is easily reached by public transport. Participants will be
housed in single rooms in Chamberlain Hall, a modern student
residence, a short walk from the Lecture Theatres. Breakfast and
evening meals will be served in Hall except for Dinner on September
8th and 9th.  Light lunches will be served at the University.
Participants requiring additional nights accommodation before or after
the meeting are asked to contact the Organizers.

Scientific sessions will take place on September 8th, 9th and 10th
with the Symposium ending formally at 5.00 p.m. on April 10th.  Social
activities will include an 'ice-breaker' party after dinner on Monday,
September 7th, a Symposium Dinner (Wednesday, September 9th) and an
evening excursion to the Sea-Life Centre in Birmingham on Tuesday,
April 8th.  The Sea-Life Centre is a modern aquarium displaying a
range of habitats from freshwater to marine, based on a model of the
River Severn, together with a number of specialist exhibits.  There
will be an opportunity to tour the displays at leisure, after which
supper will be served.


Registrations are now being accepted, and in view of the wide interest
shown in the Symposium, participants are advised to register early. 
Please complete the attached registration form and return it with your
payment to arrive no later than July 31st, 1998.  The organisers
regret that they cannot accept registrations for which payment is not
received in advance.  Further information will be sent to registrants
in the Summer.  Students paying the reduced subscription must enclose
a supporting letter from their Supervisor or Head of Department and
contribute either a paper or poster.

Registrations should be forwarded to Dr. B.S.C. Leadbeater at the
address above.


Please submit titles of papers and posters to the organisers as
soon as possible.  Instructions will be sent separately for the format
and submission of abstracts.

Submitted papers should be timed to occupy approx. 15 minutes.


Please contact the Organisers at the addresses above for further


The organisers acknowledge with gratitude the financial support of the
following organisations:

The Annals of Botany Company
The British Phycological Society
The British Section of the Society of Protozoologists
The Systematics Association

The Flagellates  (University of Birmingham  September 7th-10th,
Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS and return with payment
by July 31st, 1998


Title (Prof., Dr., Mr, Mrs, Miss etc.):

Sex (please circle):  M	F 


Tel. No.:

Fax No.:


Please delete items NOT applicable (Prices are in GBP = Pounds

Registration fee (includes daily coffee, tea and the Sea Life
excursion)	 GBP 130.00	 OR Reduced Registration for contributing
students	 GBP 110.00	 Monday, September 7th :  Buffet Dinner (GBP
8.40) Bed & Breakfast (GBP 23.00)

Tuesday, September 8th:  Lunch (GBP 6.50)
Supper at Sea Life Centre -  included	
Bed & Breakfast (GBP 23.00)

Wednesday, September 9th: Lunch (GBP 6.50)
Symposium Dinner (inc. wine) (GBP 36.00)
Bed & Breakfast (GBP 23.00)

Thursday, September 10th:  Lunch (GBP 6.50)	
Dinner	(GBP 8.40)
Bed & Breakfast (GBP 23.00)

TOTAL:  GBP________		

Please indicate any special dietary or other requirements:

Please send your payment with this Registration Form.  Payment should
be made in Sterling and should be  by either a cheque drawn on a
British bank, or by Eurocheque, or  by International Money Order,
payable to 'The Flagellates Symposium'.

Please return this Registration Form with payment to:

Dr. B.S.C. Leadbeater, The Flagellates Symposium, School of
Biological Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15

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