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Invite to all Planktoners!

IQ3D iq3d at aol.com
Tue Apr 20 07:18:09 EST 1999

Image Quest 3-D has embarked on a major push to raise interest and
understanding in the most plentiful life on this planet. To this end it would
like to work with researchers, photographers and writers actively involved with

Image Quest 3-D is a company based around the unique talents of its Managing
Director, Peter Parks. Peter was a founding member of Oxford Scientific Films
where he developed a reputation for his unique images of the very small. He has
developed much of his own optics for capturing this imagery and has won two
technical Oscars for his work. In 1990 he founded Image Quest 3-D and today
this company continues to specialise in marine and especially Plankton
photography and film.

Behind Peter's film and photography was always the desire to communicate what
he found fascinating in nature. This had caused him to become a biological
illustrator on completion of his Zoology degree at Oxford University, much
encouraged by his professor, Sir Alister Hardy- the Grand Old Man of the Sea.
It is this same desire to bring what he has found incredibly beautiful and
fascinating to the attention of others that has prompted him to try to raise a
general awareness in Plankton and its importance to the continued survival of
this planet.

Peter's intention is to produce a series of articles for a range of
publications, from the scientific annuls to the general interest magazines. In
parallel with this he is also developing a series of books, some of them using
Image Quest's unique 3-D book system to further show off the full beauty and
complexity of Plankton. To do this though he is keen to work with others who
may have something to offer, be it research, anecdotes or images. All
suggestions, comments and criticism are genuinely welcome and it is hoped that
many people will take part.

The web site was initially set up as an online brochure for Image Quest and as
a result I must apologise for the commercial slant! It is however hoped that it
can become a genuinely useful base for plankton information and exchange of
information. There is a 'plankton newsgroup' for general discussion and a
'News' page that I hope to keep updated with discoveries and stories in the
media together with comment, additions and images from those with the time to
contribute. I have also included a 'Links' page for sites of interest to be
added. These will only become useful through the support of professionals and
enthusiasts alike and I hope that we can genuinely create something informative
and interesting. 

The web site can be found at http://members.aol.com/iq3d/plankton/

Yours Sincerely, 

Chris Parks
Image Quest 3-D
Iq3d at aol.com 

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