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Protista/Plankton vs Rainforests question

ddjuror at my-deja.com ddjuror at my-deja.com
Thu Mar 9 14:42:50 EST 2000

Being a student and learning new things, I have been given information
by some that say our rainforests, etc...
preserve and create most of the oxygen that mammals (us) use to breathe.
I now have several people stating that it
is Plankton/algae from the Protista Kingdom that creates 80% + of the
oxygen on Earth. I know some information
about stromatolites and blue green algae/bacteria doing so millions of
years ago before life (creating and oxygen
atmosphere when the poison gases disipated), but I didn't know it was so
significant now. I'm looking for books
or web pages that could confirm or deny this or any information from
someone more educated than I could give.
Thank you in advance if you can help my confusion.

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