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Annoucement: Workshop Analysis of Single Cells in the Mar=

Nobody nobody at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Dec 20 18:25:17 EST 2001

Dear colleagues 

Please find an annoucement for a workshop on marine 
Full details and on line registration are available at the following


Daniel Vaulot, Station Biologique, Roscoff FRANCE


Analysis of Single Cells in the Marine Phytoplankton (ASCMAP)

15. - 21. April 2002

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, 
Am Handelshafen 12, 27570 Bremerhaven, Germany


      Linda Medlin (lmedlin at AWI-Bremerhaven.DE)
      Klaus Valentin (kvalentin at AWI-bremerhaven.DE)
      Ren=E9 Groben (rgroben at AWI-Bremerhaven.DE), 

      Marine organisms play pivotal roles in many biogeochemical
      processes that sustain the biosphere, and provide a variety of
      goods and services that are essential to mankind's existence,
      including food production, assimilation of waste and regulation
      of the climate. Phytoplankton constitute the major primary
      producers in all marine systems and as such form the basis of
      these systems. Depending on the exact structure of the
      phytoplankton community and its diversity, the entire food web
      of the marine system may dramatically shift. It follows that the
      correct and reproducible identification of the phytoplankton
      species present should enable us to predict how coastal
      ecosystems vary at the seasonal scale. However, we are only now
      developing the tools required to adequately document
      phytoplankton diversity on a routine basis. These tools are
      arising from the combination of three powerful techniques,
      namely analytical flow cytometry, artificial neural nets and
      molecular probes. In our workshop, we will bring experts for
      these three techniques involved in phytoplankton research
      together, paying special attention to groups that have pioneered
      molecular and new analytical techniques, because we believe
      these techniques are critical to study phytoplankton diversity

      This workshop takes place within the framework of the EU
      programs AIMS (http://www.flowcytometry.org) and PICODIV

Station Biologique CNRS - INSU - UPMC
BP 74 
29682 Roscoff Cx FRANCE
email: vaulot at sb-roscoff.fr
Ph: +33 2 98 29 23 34 Fax: +33 2 98 29 23 24
Phytoplankton group : http://www.sb-roscoff.fr/Phyto/phyto_en.html
Reprints : http://www.sb-roscoff.fr/Phyto/publi.html PICODIV :

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