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Fauna Sinica Phylum Granuloreticulosa- New!

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Fauna Sinica Phylum Granuloreticulosa
Class Foraminiferea Agglutinated Foraminifera
=D6=D0=B9=FA=B6=AF=CE=EF=D6=BE =C1=A3=CD=F8=B3=E6=C3=C5 =D3=D0=BF=D7=B3=E6=
=B8=D9 =BD=BA=BD=E1=D3=D0=BF=D7=B3=E6
In Chinese with English Summary and English key to Species
Zheng Shouyi and Fu Zhaoxian
First Published in=A3=BA May of 2001
788pp with 129 figures + 123 plates
Hardback, 180x260mm
Price: US$78+$9 by sea mail

Agglutinated foraminifera, in the loose sense here inclusive of the
allogromid,astrorhizid,and textularid foraminifera, are geographically
the most widespread group of benthic foraminifera. Their occurrence in
almost all kinds of marine environment environment,ranging
frommarginal marine,hyposaline,hypersaline,to shelf and bathyal
regions where they sometimes make up a large proportion of the
benthonic foraminiferal fauna is attributed to their possession of a
dissolution-resistant organic membrane or organic cement used in
binding exogenous test-building material.Their specific and
non-specific faunal trends are useful in ecological and
paleoecological interpretations.Study material consisting of some 700
surface sediment samples were collected from the Bohai Sea ,the
Huanghai Sea,the East China Sea to depths of over 2000 m in the
Okinawa Trough,the northern South China Sea to a depth of 1010m (one
station),as well as from the southern islands of Guangdong
Province---the Zhongsha Islands,the Xisha Islands, 2.
********************************************** The Agglutinated and
Porcelanecus Foraminifera of the East China Sea 
*********************************************** Chinese Version with
English summary ISBN: 7-03-000078-1 Author Zheng Shouyi 302 pages Pub.
Date: 1988 Hardcover, Size:180x260mm Price: US$ 28 +$7  by seamail =A1=A1

Surface sediment samples collected from some 250 sampling stations
serve as materials for a comprehensive study of the foraminiferal
fauna of the East China Sea. Preliminary results of qualitative and
quantitative faunal analyses (No. of specimens/50 g dry sediment) of
the samples show that this region is rich in benthic foraminiferal
fauna. The agglutinated species amount to 2/3 of the total number of
agglutinated foraminifera reported for the Pacific region by Saidove

The present paper presents a taxomomic study of 146 species of
porcelaneous foraminifera belonging to 33 genera classified under 5
families. Two genera and 25 species are new. Aside from fiving a
detailed description of the external morphology of species illustrated
in thirtythree plates, the internal chamber arrangement of over a
hundred species, represented mostly by cross-sections, and a few by
horizontal sections, are contained in the plates and text figures,  A
general account of the distribution of major genera and species is
also given. Click here to order

Late Palaeozoic Foraminiferas in South China
ISBN: 7-03-001693-9 
Author: Lin Jiaxing  et al 
297 pages+33 plates 
Pub. Date: 1990  
Size: 180x260mm 
Price: US$15 by sea mail

The marine Late Palaeozoic sediments are well developed and widespread
in South China. They are well rich in foraminiferas. It describes 14
foraminifera-bearing strata in this paper Click here to order

Foraminifera and Ostracoda in Bottom 
Sediments of the East China Sea
Chinese edition with brief English abstracts  
ISBN 7-5027-0084-6 
Author Wang Pinxian et al. 
367 PP.+ 58 Plates  
Pub. Date 1988  
Hardback, Size 180x260mm 
Price: US$25+$8

Over 300 grab samples and 32 sediment cores taken from the east China
Sea were qualitatively and quantitatively analysed for Foraminifera
and Ostracoda. The numerical data obtained were treated  with computer
to reveal relationships between foraminiferal and ostracode faunas on
the one hand, and environmental variables on the other.   

Late Paleozoic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of Hebei, China
Chinese edition with English abstract (p.147-162) ISBN7-03-002574-1
Hebei Coal Geology and Exploration Corporation Pages178 pages+ 27
plates Pub. Date1991 softcover Size180x260mm Price sea mailUS$18

Proterozoic and Palaeozoic Coccolith Fossils in China
In Chinese with English Summary 
ISBN 7-5027-4746-X 
Author: Hou Kui, Chen Zhengdong et al 
241 pages 
Pub. Date: 1999 
softcover, Size 184x265mm 
Price US$35+$6 by sea mail

Algae are internationally divided into sixteen phyla, but China
adapted the classification of only fourteen phyla during the national
algae meetin gheld in Qingdao in 1964. Coccoliths belong to
Coccolithophyceae of Chrysophuyta. They are a primary producer and a
main osuce of abyssal carbonate and hycrocarbon in marine oil-gas.
This book consists of three parts includin gnineteen chapters, 76
plates and 343 photos, about 500000 Chinese words. Coccolith fossils
of Middle Proterozoic ages to Permian ages are described that include
186 new species, named or unnamed, of which 36 species were published.
The cocclith fossils recently discovered in a Middle Proterozoic iron
deposit was also included. Especially, the discovery of the Silurian
Discoaster category not only made its occurrence earlier, but also
laid a foundation of coccolith classification. Research on today=A1=AFs
living phytoplanktons indicates that coccolith amounts to about one
third of them, Which can fix at least 30 billion tons of carbon or 110

Marine Micropaleontology of China
(English Version) 
ISBN 7-3540-13147-7 
Author Wang Pinxian 
370 pages 
Pub. Date: 1985 
Hardcover, Size 285x185mm 
Price sea mail US$55 

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