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English, Joanna j.english1 at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri Jul 20 11:00:53 EST 2001

Hi Everyone
>  Does anyone know anything about pink flagellates? We have got one
>  that we
> are trying to ID. It is from a water sample from a pond near London.
> There are high
>  numbers of bacteria in the sample, this flagellate (which is
>  actually
> turning
>  the water pink) and a few rotifers. 
>  It appears to have no autofluorescence or chloroplast (under epi)
>  but the outer surface is a pink  colour. Apparently the pond it was
>  taken from
> smells
>  of garlic.
>  We wondered if it was a cryptomonad like chilomonas - but cant find
>  much about them being coloured. 
>  It is elongated/ ovoid with we think only 1 long flagellum. It is
>  very symmetrical (sort of cigar shaped) and seems to be dividing
>  bilaterally. It is approx. 20 - 100 microns in length. It is
>  swimming very actively. Before we dapi stained (and could then see
>  the flagellum) it appeared to be more of a cilliate type of
>  movement because it was twisting.
>  It appears to be packed with granules, but we cant see a nucleus
>  when we
> dapi
>  stain it.
>  I dont know whether anyone has seen anything like this? Any ideas
>  would be
> great!
There are pictures on this web site
>  Many thanks

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