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[Protista] Paramecium

paul earl pearl at dsi.uanl.mx
Tue Oct 3 11:16:25 EST 2006

Dear Friend in Need,

                            I would like to clean up some odd Paramecium 
spp. I need data on Dragesco's 4 P. jankowsii, P ugandae, P africanum 
and P pseudotrichium. Other fugitives are P wichtermani, P arcticum and 
P dragescoi Aliev, 1990.

The reference for P wichtermani is: Mohammed AH, Nashed NN. 1968-69. 
Paramecium wichtermani  n. sp. with notes on other species of Paramecium 
common in the fresh-water bodies in the area of Cairo and its environs. 
Bull Zool Soc Egypt 22: 89-104. I cannot find this in Biosis, Pubmed, 
Zool Record, etc. Help !

I do not have access to Ralph Wicherman's wonderful 1986 book.

The Dragesco 1970 reference is An Fac Sci Yaoundé 1-141. Of course, I 
need only the Paramecium figures & text. Two other Dragesco are: An Fac 
Sci Cameroun 9: 87-126, 1972, and Fauna Tropicale 26: 1-559, 1986.

I have a new P. sp in Mexico. Nearest neighbor (!) is Texan P sonneborni 
Aufderheide, Daggett & Nerad, 1983 (ref. ID; 4061 original paper). of 
the aurelia complex. I need all dimensions. Example: anterior to buccal 

This is ALL the information I have except for Dragesco's 1970 drawings 
found at


Measurements can be taken off drawings. As this method was good enough 
for Renné Descartes, it's simply good enough till something better comes 
along. Note that aurelia complex species cannot be told apart by using 
18S rDNA, yet some can be easily discriminated morphometrically.

Thank you for your kind attention to these requests.

My Very Best,

Paul R. Earl


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