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Centro de Pesquisas Goncalo Muniz fiocruz at UFBA.BR
Thu Jul 6 11:11:55 EST 1995

It is with satisfaction that we invite you to participate in the V
International Symposium on Schistosomiasis which will be held from 
October 10 to 13, 1995, in Salvador-Ba, Brasil.

This event will be sponsored by the Oswaldo Cruz Fundation from the
Brazilian Ministry of Health, and coordinated by the Centro de Pesquisas
Goncalo Moniz (a WHO Collaborating Center in Schistosomiasis).

We are inviting collegues and off all Brazilian states in order to 
exchange experience on epidemiology and control of schistosomiasis, as 
well as in the clinical, therepeutic, immunology, biochemistry, molecular 
biology areas and some others. The meeting will consist of conferences, 
round tables, selected papers, posters and oral communications.

We hope to have the honor of your participation so that we can 
collaborate together solving the serious problems posed by this endemic 
disease which attacks more than two hundred milion people in the world.

Mitermayer Reis, M.D.


Official languages: Portuguese and English. Simultanous translation will 
be available.


1 - Progress towards a vaccine against Schistosomiasis.
	Donald Harn; Harvard Univ. - USA.
2 - Cytokines : Role in immunoregulation and immunopathology.
	Allen Scher; LPD-NIAID - USA.
3 - Impact of Brazilian research on the knowledge of schistosomiasis.
	Aluisio Prata; Univ.do Triangulo Mineiro - Brazil.


1 - Immunoregulation in human schistosomiasis.
2 - Immunoregulation in experimental schistosomiasis.
3 - Host factor of susceptibility and resistance.
4 - Recent contributions to human and experimental pathology in 
5 - Advances in clinical research on schistosomiasis.
6 - Recent advances in the molecular biology of schistosomiasis.
7 - Control of schistosomiasis.
8 - Role oh the WHO collaborating Centers.

Abstracts should be sent IN ENGLISH by fax, e-mail or regular mail no 
later than by July 30,1995. Only those received by that date will be 
accepted and published in the Abstract Book that will be distributed to 
each participant at the beginnig of the Symposium. All abstracts will be 
analyzed by the Scientific Committee, for scientific relevance and 
compliance with the instructions for abstract submission.

Elaboration of the abstracts :
1 - The abstract must contain:
	1. A brief title, typed in upper case letters, followed by the 
	   complete name of the authors and their institutions;
	2. A brief description of the problem in study;
	3. A brief description of the relevant material and methods;
	4. A summary of the results, icluding details necessary for 
	   comprehencion of the conclusions;
2 - Abstracts stating that "THE RESULTS WILL BE DISCUSSED", WILL NOT BE 
3 - All abstract must be informative not indicative;
4 - Do not use literature citations;
5 - The typed abstract must fit in a space of 10cm(height) X 14cm(width);
6 - Type the abstract single space without margins;
7 - Any acknowledgments should be at the and the of abstract;
8 - Send the abstract to the secretariat of the Symposium.


1 - The poster will be pinned to an appropriat support. The space for 
    each poster will be limited to 1,0m X 1,5m;
2 - The poster must be indentified on the top by the title and authors, 
    followed by the name of the institution of the authors;
3 - It must contain introduction, brief description of the methods, 
    figures, and conclusions, followed by relevant references;
4 - The poster must be readable at a distance of approximately one meter;
5 - Organize the sequence of the poster so that is may by auto-explanatory.

               Dr. Mitermayer Galvao dos Reis
               Centro de Pesquisas Goncalo Moniz - FIOCRUZ
               Rua Waldemar Falcao, 121
               Tel.:(071)359-4320        FAX:(071)359-4295 
               E-mail: fiocruz at ufba.br 
               40.295-001          Salvador,Bahia - Brasil

For registration send the following information (by e-mail, fax or 
regular mail) :

Phone and fax nubrers:

The registration fee for the Symposium will be of :
Profissinals	130,00
Students	 50,00

Registration fee will be paid at the registration desk information.

Meridiem	5*	US$	60	60	 -	 -
Bahia Park	3*	R$	33	38	45	 -
Bahia Praia	3*	R$	35	38	48	 -
Mar a Vista	3*	R$	40	45	55	65
Atlantico	3*	R$	33	38	45	 -

Meridiem	Rua Fonte do Boi, 216, Rio vermelho
		Fone 071 248 80 11 	
Bahia Park	Praca Augusto Severo, S/N, Rio Vermelho
		Fone 071 248 85 88 (dist. hotel 1Km)
Bahia Praia	Av. Presidente Vargas, 2483, Ondina
		Fone 071 336 45 31 (dist. hotel 3Km)
Mar a Vista	Rua Helvecio C. Ribeiro, 01, Ondina
		Fone 071 247 34 50 (dist. hotel 3Km)
Atlantico	Av. Otavio Mangabeira, 3319, Jardim de Ala
		Fone 071 231 61 66 (dist. hotel 4Km)

More Information
		Dr.Mitermayer Galvao dos Reis
		Centro de Pesquisas Goncalo Moniz - CPqGM - FIOCRUZ
		Rua Waldemar Falcao, 121, Brotas
		40.295-001     Salvador - Bahia - Brasil
		Fone: 071 359 43 20	Fax: 071 359 42 92
		E-mail: fiocruz at ufba.br

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