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Schistosoma Genome Initiative

(Dave Johnston) daj at nhm.ac.uk
Thu Jul 11 01:59:06 EST 1996

Dear Schistosome Researchers,

At the recent meeting of the WHO Schistosoma Genome Network it was 
agreed that all Network members would subscribe to the schisto newsgroup 
and would use it as a forum for announcements and requests relating to 
the Genome Initiative. This serves the treble purpose of (1) having a 
convenient, archived means of communication between all Network members 
(thank you, BIOSCI) (2) publicising the results of Network activity and the 
availabity of new protocols and resources to the wider schisto community 
(3) providing an easy way for the wider schisto community to contact 
Network members. We hope that this decision will encourage communication 
and the sharing of resources within the entire community and the 
exploitation of results from the Genome Initiative.


Hi Paul, sorry for the delay in replying. I felt pretty jet-lagged also, 
finally touching base at 1.00am on Sunday morning.

With respect to the clone names, Ian and I have put our heads together and 
suggest the following which we will circulate to schisto newsgroup next 
Wednesday. Hopefully everyone will be happy woth this (:-))


(UPPER CASE throughout) where:

A=species (M=mansoni, J=japonicum, others yet to be coded)

B=stage (A=adult, E=egg, L=miracidium (larvae), S=sporocyst, C=cercaria, L=
lung, M=male adult, F=female adult etc)

CCCCCC=unique clone identifier, freeform 6 characters (must use all 6)

D=laboratory (R=Rene Rachou, N=NHM, T=TBRI, A=Ain Shams, M=UFMG, Q=QIMR, P=
Inst. Pasteur etc)

E=unique library identifier

F=primer (3=T3, 7=T7, F=M13 forward, R=M13 reverse, S=SK, K=KS etc)

I have written to NCBI to ask if there is anyway that existing submissions 
can be automatically changed via some kind of dataparsing script if we tell 
them how the old code relates to the new code. Hopefully they will say yes!

With respect to your japonicum submissions, sorry but the second email 
(NCBI's response to your mailing) did not arrive so could you please send 
it again. I will be away for the next couple of days and back in next 

PS. We didn't get the Wellcome Trust Cyclin/Ras grant (*hit, oh *hit, oh *

Best wishes,



David A. Johnston
Executive Secretary to the WHO Schistosoma Genome Network,
Researcher, Biomedical Parasitology Division, 
Dept of Zoology,
The Natural History Museum,
Cromwell Road,
South Kensington,
London SW7 5BD,
tel 0171 9389297 (from outside UK: 44 171 9389297)
fax 0171 9388754 (from outside UK: 44 171 9388754)
email daj at nhm.ac.uk

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