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Christoph Grevelding greveld at uni-duesseldorf.de
Wed Sep 17 03:00:25 EST 2003

Dear colleagues,
with this message I would like to focus your attention on two papers that=20
just appeared in the September issue of Nature Genetics. Both papers deal=20
with the outcome of the gene discovery programs initiated for S. japonicum=
and S. mansoni. These studies represent a great step forward in the field=20
and contribute enormously to our understanding of these parasites. The=20
presented data open new perspectives for further research activities in=20
different areas.

There is access to these publication under the following link:=20

To get access to the papers, hit the "Search" link first. A new window=20
appears, enter "Schistosoma" in the field: "Qualified search? Word(s) in=20
article". As a results, a link to both papers is made which can be accessed=
as full text or pdf-files.

1. Evolutionary and biomedical implications of a Schistosoma japonicum=20
complementary DNA resource

Wei Hu, Qing Yan, Da-Kang Shen, Feng Liu, Zhi-Dong Zhu, Huai-Dong Song,=20
Xiang-Ru Xu, Zhao-Jun Wang, Yi-Ping Rong, Ling-Chun Zeng, Jian Wu, Xin=20
Zhang, Ju-Jun Wang, Xue-Nian Xu, Sheng-Yue Wang, Gang Fu, Xiang-Lin Zhang,=
Zhi-Qin Wang, Paul J Brindley, Donald P McManus, Chun-Liang Xue, Zheng=20
Feng, Zhu Chen, Ze-Guang Han SUMMARY: Schistosoma japonicum causes=20
schistosomiasis in humans and livestock in the Asia-Pacific region.=20
Knowledge of the genome of this parasite should improve understanding of=20

2. Transcriptome analysis of the acoelomate human parasite Schistosoma=

Sergio Verjovski-Almeida, Ricardo DeMarco, Elizabeth A L Martins, Pedro E M=
Guimar=E3es, Elida P B Ojopi, Apu=E3 C M Paquola, Jo=E3o P Piazza, Milton Y=
Nishiyama, Jo=E3o P Kitajima, Rachel E Adamson, Peter D Ashton, Maria F=20
Bonaldo, Patricia S Coulson, Gary P Dillon, Leonardo P Farias, Sheila P=20
Gregorio, Paulo L Ho, Ricardo A Leite, L Cosme C Malaquias, Regina C P=20
Marques, Patricia A Miyasato, Ana L T O Nascimento, Fernanda P Ohlweiler,=20
Eduardo M Reis, Marcela A Ribeiro, Renata G S=E1, Ga=EBlle C Stukart, M=
Soares, Cybele Gargioni, Toshie Kawano, Vanderlei Rodrigues, Alda M B N=20
Madeira, R Alan Wilson, Carlos F M Menck, Jo=E3o C Setubal, Luciana C C=20
Leite, Emmanuel Dias-Neto SUMMARY: Schistosoma mansoni is the primary=20
causative agent of schistosomiasis, which affects 200 million individuals=20
in 74 countries. We generated 163,000 expressed-sequence tags (ESTs) from...

Hope you find the information useful, yours sincerely

Christoph Grevelding (Moderator)

PD Dr. Christoph G. Grevelding
Institute for Genetics
Universit=E4tsstr. 1
D-40225 D=FCsseldorf

Fax: (++49)-211-81-14808/or-12333
e-mail:greveld at uni-duesseldorf.de

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