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IJDB urodeles issue

Susan Duhon, IU Axolotl Colony duhon at INDIANA.EDU
Fri Sep 9 13:01:47 EST 1994

As you may recall, we have been deliberating for some time 
on a topical outline for an issue of the International 
Journal of Developmental Biology devoted to urodeles.

We want to thank all who have contributed ideas. What 
follows represents our next-to-final version of the outline.

If you would like to see the outline modified (additions or 
deletions), and of course if you would like to volunteer an 
article, please communicated this directly to Susan Duhon by 
September 20.

Please be advised that September 20 is the official "drop 
dead" date. After that we set in motion an irreversible 

-----George Malacinski
     Susan Duhon


International Journal of Developmental Biology
 Issue on Developmental Biology of Urodeles 


Urodele model systems: 
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various 

Historical review:
When and where did urodele embryos come into prominence?


What are the implications of the molecular organization of 
 large genomes to urodele development?

What role do lampbrush chromosomes play in maternal gene 

Primordial Germ Cell development: Is the urodele pattern 
 closer to mammals than to anurans?
-----Masami Wakahara


What mechanisms drive cell interactions and cell migration in 

What insights into the molecular features of inductive 
 interactions does the study of growth factors active in 
 urodeles provide?


What are the mechanisms behind neoteny and induced 
metamorphosis in urodeles?
-----Rosenkilde and Ussing

What insights into the phenomena of cell fate determination 
 and cell migration has the study of the urodele neural crest 
-----Epperlein and Lofberg 

What have we learned about pigmentation from studying 


How have specific antigen recognition mechanisms evolved?


How are urodeles employed as developmental neurobiology 

What are the mechanisms of neural induction in urodeles?

How does the urodele ear develop?


Vertebrate Patterning along an Axis: What are we learning 
 from the study of appendage regeneration?

When and where are Hox genes expressed in regeneration?

Spinal column regeneration: A phenomenon unique to urodeles?

Cellular dedifferentiation: What role do nerves, wound 
 epithelium, and extracullular matrix play?

What are the mechanisms of lens and retina regeneration in 
the urodele?

Heart Induction and Regeneration
-----Armstrong and Neff


What perspectives about phylogeny and development can be 
 derived from the study of Plethodontids?

Developmental pattern and constraint in evolutionary 
 analysis: What insights has the study of urodeles provided?

What does the study of early pigment pattern tell us about 
 the evolutionary transformation of characters?

Direct development




Inventory of probes etc.  for urodele developmental biology

Inventory of provocative statements for the intellectual 
development of urodele studies.



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