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salamander spinal cords

Hauke Kahl kahl at alf.zfn.uni-bremen.de
Tue Jan 24 10:51:55 EST 1995

On 18 Jan 1995, Judith Schotland wrote:

> Urodelians:
> I am interested in knowing what work has been done on the salamander 
> and/or axolotl spinal cord.  I'm considering a project on salamander 
> spinal interneurons as they relate to locomotion, and have found only a 
> couple of references (Davis et al., anatomy of descending propriospinal 
> neurons; Frolich et al., EMGs during swimming and trotting).  Does 
> anyone know of other references that I should know about?  Spinal cord 
> electrophysiology, anatomy, pharmacology, spinal reflexes--all would be 
> useful.

Hi Judith,

there are some references from our lab, which could be of interest for 
you, for examples:

1. Dicke, U, Roth, G (1994): Tectal activation of premotor and motor 
networks during feeding in salamanders, European Journal of Morphology, vol. 
32, pp 106-116.

2. Roth, G (1987): Visual behavior in salamanders, Springer Verlag, 
Berlin Heidelberg, New York.

3. Matsushima, T, Roth, G (1986): Fast excitatory action of optic tectum 
on tongue motorneurons in the tongue-projection salamander Hydromantes 
italicus, Brain-Cognition-Perception (Elsner, Roth), Thieme Verlag, 
Stuttgart, New York.

4. Roth, G, Nishikawa, K, Dicke, U, Wake, DB (1988): Topographie and 
cytoarchitecture of the motor nuclei in the brain stem of salamanders. J. 
Comp. Neurol. 278, pp 181-194. 

5. Wake, DB, Nishikawa, K, Roth, G (1988): Organization of the motor 
nuclei in the cervical spinal cord of salamders. J. Comp. Neurol. 278, pp 

I would be strongly interested in your investigations.

all the best,


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