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Necturus questions, etc.

Susan Duhon, IU Axolotl Colony duhon at INDIANA.EDU
Wed Mar 8 10:15:07 EST 1995

We recently received a fax from Vincent Laudet of the Unite 
d'oncologie moleculaire, Institut Pasteur de Lille, CNRS, 
France. He writes:

"We are studying the evolution of thyroid hormone receptors 
(TR). Since thyroid hormones are implicated in amphibian 
metamorphosis we have searched by PCR amplification the two 
genes for thyroid hormone receptors TRalpha and TRbeta in 
neotenic amphibians. We do find TRalpha and TRbeta in both 
Ambystoma mexicanum and Ambystoma tigrinum, but we repeatedly 
failed to amplify these genes in the obligatory neotenic 
mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus). To substantiate a little this 
intriguing observation we need living Necturus in order to 
make some in vivo work and to construct genomic and cDNA 
libraries. Jacques Charlemagne told me that you could help us 
in this occasion to give us names and addresses of 
researchers who have these animals. Is it possible to 
maintain Necturus in aquariums?
Finally, we have TRalpha and beta probes of Ambystoma 
mexicanum and tigrinum. I you know some people interested in 
the in vivo study of TRalpha and beta in Ambystoma we would 
be glad to send them these probes."

Dr Laudet's fax number is 33 20 87 79 08. His phone number is 
33 20 87 78 79. 

If anyone would like to respond to his message, please 
contact him directly.

Susan T. Duhon               Indiana University Axolotl Colony
Phone 812-855-8260           Jordan Hall 407
Fax   812-855-6705           Bloomington, IN 47405   USA
email duhon at indiana.edu   

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