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Special Issue on Urodeles (IJDB)

Susan Duhon, IU Axolotl Colony duhon at INDIANA.EDU
Mon Sep 11 14:41:32 EST 1995

Dear uronet members:

We are happy to report that all of the manuscripts for the Special=20
Urodele issue of the International Journal of Developmental=20
Biology are now with the editor-in-chief in Spain.T iTThis issue=20
will be chock full of things of interest to urodele researchers in=20
general, as well as amphibian developmental biologists and other=20
embryologists. Laboratories from a dozen countries are=20

We thought it might be a good idea to tack onto the end of this issue an
appendix which contains "practical information" for experimenting with
urodele embryos. Thus, we are soliciting 2-page (double spaced, including
illustrations and references) contributions from uronet users.  Please
send your contribution (both a hard copy and a diskette to Susan Duhon
Indiana University Biology , Indiana University, Biology Department,
Jordan Hall, rm. 142, Bloomington, IN 47405 USA by October 14.  If you
would like a "quick read" of your contribution, please e-mail it to
duhonjohns at indiana.edu as soon as possible.  Topics might include tips on
making good in-situs with axolotl embryos, hints on preparing genomic
libraries with urodele DNA, grafting techniques, urodeles in the
classroom, availability of cDNA libraries (does anybody have an up-to-date
list?), etc.=20

Soon an announcement will be made explaining how you might order=20
your personal copy of this special issue.  The editors will be=20
able to make special arrangements with the printers if a minimum=20
number of 50 copies are ordered.  If we get orders for 50 to 99=20
copies the price will be $45 each; for more than 100 copies, $40=20
each.  These prices are estimates based on current costs and do=20
not include postage.

Below is the complete Table of Contents:

Best regards,

G. M. Malacinski
Susan Duhon
Randy Johnson




------Malacinski and Duhon


Urodele model systems:=20

What are the key advantages and disadvantages of urodele species=20
compared to anurans as a model system for experimental analysis of=20
early development?=20

Historical review:

Urodele limb and tail regeneration in early biological thought: an=20
essay on scientific controversy and social change

How did urodele embryos come into prominence as a model system?


Unusual features of the urodele genome: Do they have a role in=20
evolution and development?
-----Vignali and Nardi=09=09=09=09(Italy)

What role might lampbrush chromosomes play in maternal gene=20
-----Angelier, Penrad-Mobayed, Billoud, Bonnanfant-Ja=95s and=20

Primordial germ cell development: Is the urodele pattern closer to=20
mammals than to anurans?

What mechanisms drive cell migration and cell interactions in=20
-----Boucaut, Clavilier, Darrib=8Fre, Delarue, Riou and Shi

What mechanisms control neoteny and regulate induced metamorphosis=20
in urodeles?
-----Rosenkilde and Ussing=09=09=09(Denmark)

What insights into vertebrate pigmentation has the axolotl model=20
system provided?
-----Frost-Mason and Mason=09=09=09(USA)

What insights into the phenomena of cell fate determination and=20
cell migration has the study of the urodele neural crest provided?
-----Epperlein and Lofberg =09=09=09(Germany & Sweden)

Morphogenesis of the axolotl pronephric duct: A model system for=20
the study of cell migration in vivo
-----Drawbridge and Steinberg=09=09=09(USA)

Pattern formation in the urodele mechanoreceptive lateral line:=20
What features can be exploited for the study of development and=20

Heart development and regeneration in urodeles
-----Neff, Dent and Armstrong=09=09=09(Canada & USA)
Activin treated urodele ectoderm: A model experimental system for=20
-----Ariizumi, Komazaki, Asashima, and Malacinski
=09=09=09=09=09=09=09(Japan & USA)


Developmental neurobiology of the anterior areas in amphibians:=20
urodele perspectives.

What mechanisms drive neural induction and neural determination in=20

How does the urodele ear develop?

Lens induction in axolotls: comparison with inductive signaling=20
mechanisms in Xenopus laevis=20
-----Servetnick, Cook and Grainger =09=09(USA)


A conceptual framework for analyzing axial patterning in=20
regenerating urodele limbs

The cellular basis of limb regeneration in urodeles

Can insights into urodele limb regeneration be achieved with cell=20
cultures and retroviruses?
 -----Tsonis, Del Rio-Tsonis, Wallace, Burns, Hofmann, Millan and=20

Is retinoic acid an endogenous ligand during limb regeneration?
-----Viviano and Brockes=09=09=09=09(United Kingdom)

Molecular mechanisms in the control of limb regeneration: The role=20
of homeobox genes
-----Gardiner and Bryant=09=09=09(USA)=09

Spinal cord regeneration: A phenomenon unique to urodeles?
Re-examining jaw regeneration in urodeles: what have we learnt?
-----Ferretti=09=09=09=09=09=09(United Kingdom)

Mechanisms of retina regeneration in urodeles


The Structure of Ontogeny: From laws to regularities in the study=20
of evolutionary changes in ontogenetic pattern
-----Alberch and Blanco=09=09=09=09(Spain)

Direct development in the lungless salamanders: What are the=20
consequences for developmental biology, evolution, and=20
-----Wake and Hanken=09=09=09=09(USA)

Salamander pigment patterns: How can they be used to study=20
developmental mechanisms and their evolutionary transformation?
-----Parichy =09=09=09=09=09(USA)

What insights into the developmental traits of urodeles does=20
the study of interspecific hybrids provide?
-----Voss and Shaffer=09=09=09=09(USA)


Susan T. Duhon               Indiana University Axolotl Colony
Phone 812-855-8260           Jordan Hall 407
Fax   812-855-6705           Bloomington, IN 47405   USA
email duhon at indiana.edu  =20

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