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Richard Wassersug tadpole at is.dal.ca
Tue May 6 08:19:26 EST 1997

        A member of my laboratory, Ms. Nathalie Major (nmajor at is.dal.ca),
seeks input on the following. I hope that some of the urodele list folks
might be able to help her out.

Richard Wassersug

        I wish to establish contact with researchers, animal care/research
technicians and veterinarians who maintain and care for _Xenopus_ colonies.

        I am currently investigating alternative ways of raising _Xenopus_.
Ultimately I hope to establish the best housing facility for the optimal
growth, fertilization, and egg production for this genus.  I intend to look
at different tank set ups and see which one is the least stressful (most
productive) environment for the frogs.

        As background to this study, I am surveying major suppliers and
laboratories that work with _Xenopus_ to determine how much variation there
is in the standard operating procedures (SOP) used by different facilities.
I have written a questionaire that will help me look at various parameters
(e.g. lighting, feeding, housing...).  The questionaire takes less than 5
minutes to fill in.

        Those of you who are interested in participating in my survey, can
contact me at nmajor at is.dal.ca and I will then forward you my questionaire
to answer.  Also if you do not have a _Xenopus_ colony, but know of someone
who does and is not on this list, please feel free to let them know
of my request.  The more responses I get the more accurate my findings will

        I hope that many of you will take the time to contact me.  Also any
comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

        I thank you all in advance for your time.  Please respond off the
list, as I do not frequently visit this news group.

  @..@          Nathalie Major, RLAT(R), BSc (biology), VT/AHT
 (----)         Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
(>____<)        Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building
 ^^  ^^         Dalhousie University
                Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3H 4H7  CANADA
                (902) 494-2244; fax (902) 494-1212
                Email: nmajor at is.dal.ca

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